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EDUQAS GCSE English Language 9-1 - anyone done it?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by calumlaw, May 30, 2017.

  1. calumlaw

    calumlaw New commenter


    I'm a GCSE lecturer at a large FE college. We've just done a year (the final year) of IGCSE, which has gone well in terms of student engagement/motivation, and we're hoping for a significant uptick in results from our somewhat pitiful performance under the old AQA spec.

    It's with heavy heart however that I read through the latest 9-1 spec; knowing our cohort (those who scored 3 on a 9-pont scale) I feel it's going to be a really tough year, even if many know the spec from school. I was looking over the Eduqas spec though and it seems a lot more accessible/'scaffolded'. I wondered, had any FE teachers out there had experience this year of delivering this spec, and if so, how had they found it.
  2. crampsfan

    crampsfan New commenter

    We haven't done it yet but are busy planning for Eduqas next year, having done their legacy exam this. Is it too late to go to one of their training sessions? I found the one I went to somewhat reassuring. (Know what you mean about the level 3 candidates. It's concerning that they'll be weaker than the Ds we get now!)
  3. Maresa Brand

    Maresa Brand New commenter

    Do not use Eduqas! We moved our cohort from AQA to Eduqas for first examination in the Summer, It has been an unmitigated disaster where we have plummeted from 87% Language to 42%! I cannot get a straight answer from Eduqas about what exactly has gone wrong. The only advice proffered was to seek remarks. The writing sections in particular seem to have been really harshly marked. The papers do look accessible, but in the end part of the problem may have been that there were just too many questions for some students. Needless to say we have not signed up for 2018.
  4. saluki

    saluki Senior commenter

    I taught AQA old and new spec 2016-2017. The new spec students did better than the old spec students.
    In FE attendance is a major problem (at least it was for us) meaning coursework is a nightmare. Thus the old spec was a nightmare and students dropped marks because of poor attendance. Then we were left with limited time to teach the 60% exam.
    My 8700 spec students were not great ability and they had to adapt to the course in one year flat. They did so. I told them that they only needed to be able to answer 10 questions in order to pass. We concentrated on exam questions and skills from the word go. They all did well on writing = 50% of the total exam. Q1 on each paper is easy peasy. From memory, I think paper 1 Q4 was the most difficult. My pass rate exceeded that of 'similar centres' and 30% of my cohort are eligible for the November re-take. I felt that this was satisfactory.
    Your September intake should have covered the course at school and you should be able to identify which areas are weak and need improvement. We had a lot of students who should not really have been on the course - students who had progressed from FS 1 and iGCSE grade D students. These students struggled with both specs. Given the option I would have liked to have put these students in separate group and taught them KS3 stuff as an introduction to the course. But, hey ho, what do I know?
    AQA provide a suggested SOW for one year teaching and support meetings. There are resources available on e-aqa and TES. I liked the variety of texts which we could choose from.

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