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Eduqas A level French Speaking cards

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by suzepotter, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    suzepotterNew commenter
    I am looking at the speaking cards from the sample assessment pack on the Eduqas website and wonder if as well as discussing the questions you are allowed to talk about the picture and then diverge and talk about the topic in general terms in order to make the discussion last 7 minutes. Also can the questions be about other aspects of the topic generally in france and not just about the young person in French society.
    anybody out there in the same situation?
  2. s.rnd

    s.rnd New commenter


    The principles of the cards for the new specification are similar to the old spec. The most important item is the title of the card which clarifies the topic of the discussion. The stimulus is provided to launch the conversation which gradually drifts onto the topic. The A level cards (not sure about AS since we only teach the full 2 year course at my school) have a new requirement: the candidate must ask the examiner 2 relevant questions.

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