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Educational visits or visitors primary computing focus

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by SpeckledFrog, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. SpeckledFrog

    SpeckledFrog New commenter

    Apart from the Hour of Code and the workshops offered at LEGOLAND does anyone know of anything I can suggest to fulfil a part of the SIP I have been assigned -

    "Give pupils exciting learning opportunities by organising exciting technology-related events in school. Investigate and plan trips to exciting places with a technological focus that will give pupils more chances to learn"

    Our school is in Sevenoaks.

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  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

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  3. teknoteacher

    teknoteacher New commenter

    Hello. Last year I was part of a grant funded project called JamPackedUK that put on these events in schools. I think there a few ways I can help you. Let me know if you want further information. I'm planning to share help with teachers in the future - so your questions would help.

    1. The http://www.jam-packed.uk/ website shows some of the events we ran, but probably most useful in the Toolkit section is a list of activities you could try.

    2. As part of JamPackedUK, I recorded some free webinars for teachers. This one gives ideas for organising trips including the Science Museum, London. Read the notes and watch the relevant part of the webinar.

    3. Depending on how much time/energy you want to put into this, it's possible I could host an event at your school if the exa.foundation/roadshow came to your school.

    4. Try something small to start with and then see how the first iteration works.
  4. SpeckledFrog

    SpeckledFrog New commenter

    Thanks for your reply madcat looks interesting but Winchester is too far away.
    Your cat looks more helpful than mine!
  5. SpeckledFrog

    SpeckledFrog New commenter

    Thanks, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I can't look at all the information at school as your site is blocked here in Kent. It's a real problem as often I want to look up how to solve computer problems and they are in forums or blogs!

    I will be trying to make links other primary schools in our area as we used to have twilight ICT meetings. I also want to make links with a secondary which hopefully could lead to an event in future.
  6. teknoteacher

    teknoteacher New commenter

    What do you mean that they are blocked? These are educational sites that have been funded by the Department for Education and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. :)

    Which of the following are blocked?
    1. The https://jampackeduk.wordpress.com/jampackeduk-teaching-toolkit/ links to resources for teachers to use.
    2. http://exa.foundation/roadshow links to a google document. If you're logged into Google, the administrator on your site may have blocked access to documents that were not created in your school. Try logging out of Google briefly or using another browser to view the link.

    I've encountered this before - administrators censoring what sites that teachers can use to keep their work simplified. That doesn't take into consideration the fact that teachers are trying to access materials to help them plan their lessons. Sheesh!

    I can send you PDF copies of the materials via email if you contact me. I don't want to put my email address here, but if you search for Alan O'Donohoe online or @teknoteacher you'll find ways to contact me. Sounds like you could do with some help :)
  7. SpeckledFrog

    SpeckledFrog New commenter

    In Kent we have the toughest filtering in any country! Our broadband is filtered before it gets to the School. I'll check again at school and send you a screenshot. I'll contact you outside of Tes.

    Thanks for your help.
  8. teknoteacher

    teknoteacher New commenter

    This sounds like an increasingly common situation where those in charge of the technical administration lock everything down to make their life easier, but are actually making the teachers' work more difficult.

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