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Educational Psychology - what are my chances this year?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by Ruthie22, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Gosh!
    Are we really not going to know till the 17th? Am desperate to know if one has been succesful! Can we find out before? I know it relates to funding but I NEED TO KNOW!! So's I can get on with my life after all the stress!

    I wish I had found you all before! I applied to Bristol and Cardiff. Bistol was lovely and friendly....1/2 hour interview.

    Cardiff was an ordeal! 1/2 hour interview and 1 and 1/2 hour written task. 25 of us were called back....... 15 min presentation ... timed. 45 min group task and 2 more 15 minute interviews! I felt like I hade been wrung out to dry! And you know how it is.... you remember all you should have said....

    I just wish I knew you were here before for support and help and caring!

    Never mind.... can share while we await news! Good luck all bodies! Can we find out before????

  2. O_J


    hope all your interviews have been going well guys. Can i also tell you about www.edpsy.co.uk? It's another forum for us potential trainee EPiTs. I have found it really useful as there are a lot of us that post on there. xx
  3. Help OJ!

    have tried to reigister on www.edpsy.co.uk/ but have not yet had validating email!

    Desperate to post!

    Any ideas?

  4. I would say try again or.... if you give this guy an email admin@edpsy.co.uk he will probably be able to help you.
  5. (O_J, Cokey: nice publicity work you guys!! ;-) LOL)
  6. those of you who have applied this year / been interviewed this year ( and dont use www.edpsy.co.uk which I highly recommend)are you aware of the ongoing funding fiasco?

    the latest information is suggesting that the LEAs have only been able to claw back around 50% of the money needed to provide 12 funded training places per university this year, which means in practical terms we are facing the fact that there may only be 5/6 funded places offered by each of the English universities this year.

    Edpsy.co.uk members are suggesting that we all lobby our MPs on this one .We are being directly affected by somebody elses's mistakes. Who can afford to take up the offer of an unfunded place and pay upwards of 30K in fees and living expenses?

    You can find your MPs contact details at

    Please get lobbying!

  7. There is now a Downing Street petition to support proper funding for Ed Psych training:


    Please sign if you would like to help secure proper funding for Ed psych training!
  8. O_J


    an update on the 'lobbying mps' situation. The followin questions are to be asked by an MP to the Sec STat Edu today. The questions are as follows:
    Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, if he will make a statement on the role of educational psychologists in the Every Child Matters scheme.
    Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, how many educational psychologists qualified in each year since 1997.
    Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, what the reasons were for reductions in funding for educational psychologists training; and if he will make a statement.
    Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, what steps he is taking to ensure that enough educational psychologists are being trained to meet demand.
    Dr Vincent Cable (Twickenham):To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, what progress has been made in retrieving funding provided to local councils that was allocated to the training of educational psychologists; and if he will make a statement.

    Answers will be posted here http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmhansrd.htm by tomorrow afternoon I think. Let's hope something happens as a result!

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