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Educational Psychology - what are my chances this year?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by Ruthie22, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Hi Cokey, thanks for your post, the questions were really tough and quite general.I did some reading but at the interview had a total mind blank.My answers could have been soo much better. I also had to do a 5 min presentation but i ran out of time!(They actually timed everyone) Im really not holding my breath :( Im just glad its over!

    All the best with your interview i really hope you get on xx
  2. Coco - well done for getting through your interview day, I'm sure it went better than you felt it did! I think its slightly mean to have timed the presentations! Hope they don't do that at Exeter tomorrow as mines about 6 mins long!

    Any particularly evil questions people should be aware of for future interviews?

    Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Hi sscare, thank u. I wish you all the best for the interview. The questions were quite general such as what challenges you think you would come across? and also they wanted to know more about research; my own research experience and what i have read up on,(i don't know whether this is just Nottingham as they are known for their research work).

    Cokey-I havn't applied to Manchester but have applied to B'ham and Sheffield and havn't heard nothing from them :s

    Once again all the best guys! and let us know how you get on :)
  4. Thought i'd bring this thread up again..
    sscare- How did your interview go?? Hope the questions were ok?
    Cokey- have you had your interview yet?
    Anybody else been through interviews?

  5. Hey everyone,

    Hope all is well for those who have interviews.
    Coco - the interview went ok, wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was. Was very glad to get my presentation and group exercises out of the way in the morning and then had a written 'test' which we were asked to reflect on why we were there. So no scary one to one interview!Have you headr back about yours?

    Apparently the letters inviting people back to Exetetr for a one - to one interview are out - I don't have one and so am feeling a bit worried about that at the moment. I suppose I have todays and Saturdays post yet, but not feeling very confident.

    The reason I haven't posted back recently is because I've had two job interviews for 'normal' jobs this week as am still temping at the mo. I'm pretty gutted as found out today I didn't get the job I wanted (attendance and childcare worker), but on the plus side I did get a job for a Youth justice worker! Mixed bag of emotions and things going on!

    Anyway keep me posted on the outcome of interviews

  6. Thanks Cokey, your temping job sounds good too. Fingers crossed for you!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that I didn't get a call back interview for Exeter. Now focusing on Cardiff!

    Just been reading up on the Cardiff uni website (which I admit I probably should have done before I applied!). There are quite a few differences to studying in Wales that I wasn't aware of. Thought I'd share.....

    Firstly 2007 - 2010 cohort do not get their second and third year fees paid for them (which I wasn't actually aware of), but if studying in Wales you will have these fees paid. Great!

    However, Cardiff trainees have 'placements'in Welsh LEA services in the second and third year (means you have to live in Wales for three years, rather than in just the first year!. Not so great unless you live in Wales!

    Also, because Cardiff trainees are on placement rather than working as an assistant EP, they will not get a wage of between £25,000 - £28,000 but continue to get the same training grant as in the first year!Also not so great!

    Is it just me or am I interpreting this incorrectly?!All this makes quite a difference - if I were lucky enough to get on the course I was planning on doing the first year in Wales and then finding an assistant EP job nearer home for the second and third years. Plus, there is a considerable drop in terms of income (about £10,000!), which is obviously going to hurt quite a bit!

    Anyway feel free to post me your thoughts!

    By the way Southampton are taking there time!

  7. Thanks Cokey! Just panicked a bit when I read all tha information on the Cardiff website!

    I expect they will be able to tell us more when on the day of the interview, until then I shall breathe deeply and calm down!

    I know what you mean, its a painful process - but it will ALL be over by the 1st April! Until next year of course.......

  8. Hi everyone

    I've applied to Exeter, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff. I attended the first round of interviews at Exeter and have not been invited back for an interview. I have an interview at Bristol on Friday, Birmingham on Monday and Cardiff on Tuesday.

    does anyone have any advice regarding the preparation for the one to one interviews?

    I can't believe how hard it is to get on the courses - surely there should be more funded places considering that there is a shortage of EP's.
  9. Hey guys
    congratulations for those of you who have an interview. i have got one this week at the University of East London... and am so terrified- has anyone else got a interview there?
    Could anyone who has done their interview pass on some friendly preparation tips to calm my belly of nerves!!!

  10. O_J


    Hello. Not sure if everyone knows this but we won't be finding out til the 16th April now... I had my interviews at the Tavi yesterday. One was fine the other was a bit of a mess to be honest. The questions were fine- my answers weren't! Nevermind, at least I know what to do for the next. How are everyone else's going?
  11. Hiya
    I went for an interview at the Tavi last week. one interview sucked for me too. I cant actually remember all 10 questions. Any chances any one who went remembers the first few? I'm the same as O_J. hope i can prepare better for the other interviews.
    Good luck everyone.
  12. Hi, it seems there is a lot of activity about the interviews. Has anyone been to Newcastle Uni for one, or going for one?

    I have one in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any advice please?
    The invitation says the interview will last between 30 and 60 minutes. Help please??

  13. Hi littleminx01,
    I had an interview at Newcastle a few weeks ago now (so glad I got an interview as didn't get any last year). It was really informal and the staff are really really nice. There were about 8 of us there. You have two interviews, each about 30mins, in between you do a writing task, which is just writing about what you'd like from placements etc. One interview is about you and your experience, one is more about the role of an Ed Psych - one question was 'What opportunities are there for Ed Psych's with the changes in Children's Services?' - I think that was the hardest one. They might have changed the questions since then though.

    Hope that helps - good luck :)
  14. Thank you very much Ruthie22, this is a great help. I'm starting to panic!!

    Do you talk in the group or on an individual basis?
    Was your interview for a funded place?

    Wish you the best of luck and who knows I might see you in September!!!
    (we can only hope!)
  15. There was no group interview or group task at Newcastle. The interviews were just me and two interviewers in each. I was applying for a funded place - couldn't afford to do it without funding.

    Try not to panic - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Would be great to see you on the course in September - getting a place would mean the world to me. Good luck again!
  16. Hi Ruthie, What is your background?
    Unfortunately I am going to the interviews for a self funding place!!!
    Not good, but if it's the only option then I'll do my best to work through it.

    Where are you based at the moment?
    Well only 1 week to go. In fact this time next week I'll be there! Scary.

    What area of research are you intersted in?

    Littleminx01 :eek:)
  17. Hi Littleminx01,
    I've given my background on the very first post of this thread - can't believe something I started has lasted this long! My research interests are reading, language, cognition, anything really - everything I read gets me interested and makes me want to learn more. I'm working with Travellers and Gypsies at the moment and I'd love to do some research on reading development delay in transient and settled communities.
  18. Your current experience sounds very interesting.
    How did you find the PGCE?

    Did you get chance to talk about your interests in areas of research?

    Are you far away from Newcastle? Where else did you apply? Like you I didn't get any interviews last year, so I'm very pleased, despite it being for a self funded place!!

  19. My current job is okay, but I wish I'd been able to get an Assistant Ed. Psych post - what are you doing at the moment? I enjoyed most of the PGCE, it's certainly a very good introduction to the education system, and helps you to see things from a teacher's point of view. Good way to work with lots of different children too. Being a qualified teacher also means I can work supply alongside my job which is pretty useful.

    I applied to Sheffield (where I got another interview) and Nottingham (where I didn't) as well as Newcastle. But my family lives in Newcastle so I'd love to move back there. I'm in York at the mo.

    They did ask about research - they wanted to know all about by undergrad research project - including the statistical tests which I had completely forgotten about. They asked about what research I would like to do as well.
  20. Hi Ruthie22.
    Well you are having more luck than I am anyway, 2 interviews and both funded!

    I have been in education for 6 years now. I am a Senior Learning Mentor and also teach some PHSE lessons. Very good experience as far as working one to one with children, and in groups with their peers or families. Similar to Connexions but I tend to work with child protection, teenage pregnancies and underachievement. it's a very intersting job.

    It seems that the asst ed psych jobs are now being reserved for people on the doctorate!?

    Well, I can't remember my research methods. I've been out of the 'research and learning' cycle for a while now.

    Whatever will be, will be!! I'm just thinking positive that at least I'll have experience of an interview if nothing comes of it.

    Good Luck

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