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Educational Psychology - what are my chances this year?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by Ruthie22, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Hi - I am an EP and I have to say that I've met plenty of inspiring EP's depsite post 18's comments!!! Take a look at the TES new research column and you'll see that lots of the contributions are from EP's.

    In terms of Asst EP's mentioned in the posting above, I was an Asst EP in Essex and I simply found my ad in the local newspaper - Essex has about 10 places per year - I know Norfolk has some Asst EP posts as does Milton Keynes area - there are probably loads more around the UK. A good place to look is to join the BPS and get their adverts bulletin - that often has Asst Psychologist posts (which seems to be more common now than Asst EP psychs - I've seen a few lately).

    Also I think something like a TA working with BESD pupils in schools/specialist services would look good on an application to be an EP.

    Good luck with your applications.
  2. Hi BBKF

    thanks for all of your advice etc! I have just applied for the course (for the first time). Assuming that i am a bit young/inexperienced to get onto the course yet, i would ideally like to get an assistant ed psych post but i am slightly confused - wont it be even more difficult to get work as an assistant EP now that the 2nd and 3rd year trainees will be seeking them as part of the course?

  3. Psychology BSc Hons 2:1 (4 years)
    Assistant Forensic Psych (6 months training)
    TEFL 1 year
    Classroom Assistant ( Mainstream and Special Needs) 1 year
    Connexions Personal Adviser (Disaffected Youth) 1 year
    Social Science PGCE ( 1 yr)
    Second year of teaching Psychology

    I have a great job. I only went into teaching because of the original training route, which changed at the end of my PGCE (!)

    Wanting to become an educational psych has been my main motivation and coloured all my choices for the past four years, wanting to train as a psychlogist began when I chose my degree 12 years ago! I am with Miss Anthropik. If I want to start a family, I dont have years to apply and reapply to be locked into another three years of training. I also have a mortgage to consider. The drop in pay is quite huge, and then as I understand it, the initial starting salary may still fall under what I am earning now, and certainly my potential earnings by the time that I qualify.

    It looks like a posioned chalice to me. I may simply consider re-applying in about five years when the climate has settled down and I have dealt with my student debts from the qualifications I had to get to give me a chance at EP in the first place!

    I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to hearing from those who are successful!

  4. I have applied for Sept 2007 and have just had a letter to say I've got an interview with Exeter University!Very pleased but also nervous about it.

    My experience/qualifications are as follows:

    2:1 Psychology degree (BPS registered)
    PGCE Primary + one years experience
    Experience working at social services with children and families and adults.

    From what I've read on this website, seems like sheer luck is needed to get on this course and that there is no real pattern to people getting on!However I was given some useful advice when I applied which is as follows;

    I was told when applying that the three most important things to ensure you got an interview were:

    1 - Meet the initial criteria (a BPS degree and at least two years experience working with children in any setting)
    2 - Excellent references
    3 - An excellent personal statement that demonstrated how you have applied your experiences.

    I'm not sure whether I will be called back for the second round of interviews. I am only 24, and so feel like I might be inexperienced compared to some.

    Does anyone who has had an interview have any useful tips for when I go?!

  5. O_J


    Congratulations guys- and GOOD LUCK! Has anyone else heard? I've not heard yet (UCL, IoE, UEL, Tavistock); don't know if I've been unsuccessful or the letters haven't been sent. I imagine it's the former. Also, do you know about www.edpsy.co.uk? I've been going on there and it's quite good. xx
  6. UEL shortlisted Friday, letters for interview out this week.

  7. Congratulations cokey and sscare on getting interviews, good luck! ive heard that its pretty difficult to even get to that stage.... O_J, I still havent heard from the 4 london unis, although im guessing we should do soonish because interviews start in mid feb. Good luck everyone!
  8. Congrats to those of you that have got interviews...I am not feeling too hopeful this year! Has anyone heard from Birmingham or Nottingham yet? I have managed to get through the last few weeks without thinking too much about whether I will get an interview or not...however it is amazing how quickly that changes when the 1st letter drops through your door! Good luck everyone.
  9. I heard from Notts too - I am on the reserve list for an interview (I know the chances of anyone pulling out are slim to none, but am trying to look at it as a positive as it is my first year applying!). Do you know how many people they interview?
    Congrats on your interview at Exeter Cokey - at least you can focus all your attention towards that!
  10. I think nottingham interview 48. I applied last year and Nottingham would have been my first choice. They said at the open day that people don't tend to drop out from there and that they are most people's first choice, so not much chance of getting on...


    My friend was 51 on their list last year, never thought she would get an interview, but did. Then was placed 14 (I think, higher than 12 though and they take 12 people), but got on - 2 people above her accepted offers at others unis. She is there now doing the course. So, it is possible!

    Good luck.
  11. Thankyou to everyone for wishing me luck for the Exeter interview, I haven't slept properly in days with nerves!Just want to wish everyone else good luck too. Fingers crossed you get interviews and they go well and well done to those who already have one!

    Cokey - congrats!We should give each other some moral support if we're in the same group at Exeter!
    I feel exactly the same as you. The day after I got the letter about the interview I started reading and posting replies on TES and I feel so incredibly lucky to get an interview listening to the trouble some people have had, but also feel sick with nerves - especially the presentation!

    Have a bit of an idea of who I'm gonna do it on, but haven't quite made up my mind yet though. There are so many to talk about!The library has been **** with books. Going to the bookshop Saturday to stock up and will spend of the weekend reading and preparing. I was kinda thinking of Piaget too, but am worried it will be too obvious!What do you think?

    Any idea how many we're up against at the interview?
    Have also applied to Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton, but haven't heard anything from these and am still reeling from just getting the one interview!Anyone heard from these uni's re shortlisting?

    Anyway, best of luck Cokey and see you next Friday!

    Sscare xxx
  12. A scary thought when you look at the numbers!
    Have sent you an email so we can 'chat' about the interview. Keep in touch!
  13. That has made me feel slightly better about my reserve place, so thanks for that! I didn't think to ask how far down the reserve list I am...or how many are on the reserve list. I always knew that the reputation that Nottingham has would make it tough to get on to, so I suppose I should see this as positive!
  14. p.s. good luck with the interview prep Cokey!
  15. me too!!!!
  16. Hi - good luck to you all. I am an Educational Psychologist and have made several postings in this thread about interview questions etc - I've been through it some years ago myself and can remember how stressful it all was.

    Without a doubt, I'd be amazed if you didn't all get asked the following question - 'what is the UNIQUE contribution of the Educational Psychologist?'
    You will get asked this because it is at the very heart of what is exercising the profession currently (the person asking it will probably want to know the answer too!). I would think they'd also ask you about multi-agency working perhaps (as that's another hot topic currently), what with the Every Child Matters reforms.

    I'm still trying to work out what the unique contribution is, but it's certainly having an oversight of all things educational and psychological (i.e. holistic view of the child). You may want to talk about how we can measure and evaluate our outcomes (quite difficult in certain areas of applied psychology).

    If you can get hold of any recent journal from Educational Psychology in Practice, that may also help your preparations.

    Hope you get a place!

  17. Hi - if this helps (and you can get hold of it - your local eps should keep copies of Educational Psychology in Practice journal - if you call them up, I'm sure they'd let you copy this...)

    Here's an article on the unique contribution of EP's and if you're going to UCL (where I went), then it might pay to read this as it's written by one of the tutors on the course (well he was in my day)

    Cameron, R.J. (2006) Educational Psychology: The distinctive contribution. Educational Psychology in Practice. Vol 22 (4) Dec 2006 (so it's very recent).

    Not sure what happens if you try and google this, but if you can get hold of it, I'm sure it'd be pertinent to all interviews (as they'll want to see what you can offer that say a behaviour support teacher/inclusion advisor/social worker couldn't etc etc).

  18. Hi everyone, I've been really busy so not had a chance to post on here, i have my interview tomorrow for Nottingham! Im soooo nervous, and feel so unprepared!

    Good luck to you all with your interviews!
  19. Good Luck coco!!!
  20. Hi everyone!

    Just thought I'd let those of you who have applied to Bristol uni know that letters for interviews apparently went out last Wednesday and I got a rejection letter yesterday from them - ouch!

    But good news I do have an interview at Cardiff! Anyone else got an interview there too?I have to say that the interview process there seems a lot easier than at other universities!No scary presentations to prepare for!

    Good luck to all who are going to interviews in the next few days. Scary stuff. I am very busy preparing for the Exeter interview (stressed), so fingers crossed!

    Anyone heard from Southampton yet?


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