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*** education

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by dash201, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    Hi all. I have been offered a telephone interview for the 3rd January.

    I have a few questions but here is my background.

    I am a fully qualified teacher with 8 years experience in England. I plan to go with my non-teaching wife. Here are my questions.

    1. What is the salary at a *** school roughly? I have read ?1500 a month (£1255). Is this correct? If so, I will hang up on them if they confirm this on the interview. And laugh. I currently take home £1900 a month.

    2. Is this actually a worthwhile school? Or is it basically a TEFL school in disguise?

    I think this will do for now. I apologise if anyone feels that I am being arrogant or anything like that but this is my future and I would rather do research first.

    Many thanks, Chris.
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    You might want to give a bit more information regarding the school.
  3. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    Sorry, when I first posted, it gave me ***. The school is S a b i s in Sharjah. Thanks.
  4. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    7000 dhs per month.
    A bit crappy, but if that is what they are offering, that is really what they are offering.
    If you do not like it ( and it is quite easy to see why! ) there will be others to fill your place, so the school will not feel too heart broken about it.

  5. Sharjah is a bit dull, although it is only 40 minutes from Dubai - if that tickles you. That salary that you suspect is pizz poor. The schools you refer to are all over the place. I wouldn't say don't work at them, but there are some I wouldn't entertain.
    You need to do more research as there are some great schools out there. Unless you are an art, PE or music teacher, then you have to latch onto anything that is going...

  6. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    I am basically a primary school teacher. As for the 7000 a month that they offer, did they want me to get out of bed? That is laughable! I was on that when I first qualified!

    Oh well, will keep looking. It did sound very draconian and the amount of effort that is required for such a low paid position is astonishing. I do feel that it is basically the equivalent of English First or some other ESL school.

    Thanks for the heads up fellas!
  7. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    To you it is a derisory salary. However, you are no longer protected by EU quotas and union fought salary scales. Out in the big wide world things can be a little more interesting.
    For a typical non-Gulf Arab it is normal salary. When I worked in Dubai 12 years ago, I was being paid about 21000 dhs a month. The non-Gulf Arabs were being paid 5000 dhs a month. From what I hear, salaries have gone down since those halcyon days.
    However 7000 dhs is still pretty poor for a Westerner.
  8. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    I do agree and do not wish to mock anyone on that salary but I feel that if a school wants experience and talent, they pay for it and don't try to make themselves sound good with the 'compeitive' salary line as they do. I do have a back up plan so I can afford to be a little more fussy!
  9. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    There are other issues apart from salary.
    I have to confess that years ago without knowing anything about the group I applied for the headship of a S A B I S start-up school in Jordan and was offered a start-up school in Saudi Arabia which I declined. In the process I learned the following:
    The group was founded on behaviourist principles which are tied to very closely defined outcomes (such as 3Rs skills in primary and exam passes/ grades in secondary). Great emphasis is placed on 'drilling'. Unless things have radically changed (which I doubt) teachers are given a manual which has to be followed to the letter. There is little or no scope for creativity or individualism. The approach seems to produce the desired results but represents a very narrow view of education and some teachers find that they can't live with it. This and cost, of course, may be why S A B I S recruits a high number of unqualified teachers. As far as S A B I S is concerned this is fine because all the teacher has to do is follow the manual.
    (Let me say in passing that I firmly believe that a certain amount of behaviourism/ drilling is essential to education and I have little time for the woolly-mindedness that thinks everything should happen by discovery/ osmosis/ magic).
    As this thread is likely to disappear pronto I would suggest a forum search for 'chewing the fat' which is a clever way of referring to the group's flagship school.
  10. dash201

    dash201 New commenter

    I have decided to withdraw my application from there. They sound nucking futs to be fair. I would need to be put in an asylum after a day by the sounds of it. And if I wanted to sell my soul to an evil establishment , I would head to manchester! Thanks all. Decision made!

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