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Education/Teacher packs for Movement and Physical Theatre devising project

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Trashbat, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I am currently doing a Movement-based devising project with my Year 1 Level 3 Acting students. I am working from an excellent Theatre de Complicite Teacher's pack which has proved really useful. Can anyone else recommend any other good (and free!) Education/Teacher's packs that might help me out or be in this kind of vain? If you could give any suggestions I would be most grateful.
    In fact, any good suggestions for Teacher's packs relating to teaching Theatre would be really great.

  2. I love the packs by Shared Experience and Frantic Assembly. I have used bits from them but also set AS students to investigate them independently for their practitioner study. Check out their company websites.
    Frantic Assembly also have a book about devising and physical theatre which is worth its weight in gold!
    I am using Out of Joint's packs to introduce some of Max Stafford Clark's tools.
    Kneehigh's packs are not great teaching tools but offer a fantastic insight into their work and production decisions if you have seen the shows.
    Looking forward to hearing suggestions from anyone else!
  3. Hi Maffo
    Yes, I do AS with AQA.
    I would always recommend starting with plays that are written by/for the company or plays that they have previously performed. For example, Shared Experience have performed plays written by Polly Teale and Helen Edmundson, whereas for Frantic Assembly you might want to start with a Mark Ravenhill script.
    Otherwise, look at the genre and style of play as a guide, for instance, Max Stafford Clark is a good practitioner to use with Verbatim scripts such as The Permenant Way or Talking to Terrorists. Kneehigh are fundamentally storytellers, so whilst you might want to read their scripts of Hansel and Gretel etc, you could also adapt any of Carol Ann Duffy's fairytale adaptations.
    I have pupils interested in both naturalism and symbolism so rather than Stanislavski, we use Katie Mitchell and look at texts/writers she has used before such as Greek plays, classics or modern texts by writers like Simon Stephens.
    Hope this helps...
    Always keen to hear what anyone else has done!
  4. Yes very helpful- thanks very much.

  5. Hello,
    I currently teach Physical Theatre in HE and my absolute bible(s) are the Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre and 'Through the Body: a practical guide to physical theatre - (Dymphna Callery)
    Both books are jam packed with absolute gems and inspiration.
    'Through the Body' is fabulous for not only practical exercises but it links in with practitioners/theorists which are included within the realm of 'Physical Theatre'
    Keep an eye on the Routledge website too, they often have companion websites which coincide with their books that give you that little bit extra of magic ;)
    Here's one that goes hand in hand with Frantic:

    Have fun!


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