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Educating Spanish speakers in the language of the new maths GCSE

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by matthew67, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. matthew67

    matthew67 New commenter

    I have many new students arriving in year 10 and 11 who speak little or no English but are reasonably good at maths. They are always underachieving because of their language skills. Does anyone know of resources that can help as this is only going to get worse with the amount of written questions in the new spec GCSE.
  2. Apple101

    Apple101 Occasional commenter

    It's the same for English speakers.

    The only thing that really work is repetition with the mathematical language.

    Maths papers are awfully written anyway so it will be hard.
  3. pair_of_argyles

    pair_of_argyles Occasional commenter

    There are lots of on-line resources in Spanish for maths at this level.
    Do a search for E.S.O. mathematicas.
    O.K. so you are not pushing on their English skills but it may help them to get going.initially
    In addition you could order some texts from Amazon in Spain They have lots of ESO maths texts

    ESO = Educación Secundaria Obligatoria
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