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Edison international school Doha

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by rus275, May 30, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I've been offered a job teaching in Doha. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about the Edison International Acadamy.

    I have been offered a basic salary of 6500QR but housing and other benefits take it up to 13000QR + medical and flights.

    is this a good offer?

    I would appreciate any information or feedback

  2. flock1

    flock1 New commenter


    Are you sure the 13000 includes housing? Most schools in Qatar would offer between 12-18K riyals with housing as part of the package on top. Rent in Doha, on the cheap side of things is 9000 riyals/month. So that would leave you 4000 for everything else. So NO, it is not a good deal.

    If the salary is 13000 + housing + flights + medical + bills, then this is just about acceptable.
  3. That seems to work out at just over £1000 a month + accomm+flights+medical cover.

    Any decent school will pay you at least £1500 a month but in Qatar you are looking at £2000 a month for the inconvenience of being there.
  4. I've heard of a few dodgy schools in Qatar making the basic salary very low with extras on top as your gratuity is paid according to your basic salary (3 weeks basic salary for very year you worked there). The salary is very low. Also avoid giving the full name of the school as they will delete the thread.
  5. TonyGT

    TonyGT Established commenter

    That is an awful, awful offer. I wouldn't even ask them to raise it, I'd just walk away. The offer speaks volumes about what sort of school you would be working at.
  6. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    What are you? A PE teacher?

    If you are fully qualified this is low in the extreme for the region. If you have no experience and no certificates, go for it!
  7. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    It's an awful offer. Stay away even if you have no certificate or experience. Without a certificate, you couldn't legally get a work visa, leaving you in quite a pickle. Even if the school managed to get you one through some ill-advised maneuver, you'd be at serious risk during your entire stay and easily prevented from getting whatever pay and benefits and final gratuity you would be entitled to on paper.
  8. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Just over a thousand quid a month? Maybe this would be an okay salary for an inexperienced and unqualified TA.
  9. Hello rus275!

    Just wondering if you are currently at Edison International Academy in Qatar and if you would mind giving me a private contact E-mail address. Thank you in advance!!!
  10. hr73

    hr73 New commenter

    Hello All,
    I worked for the above school in the past and I can confirm that most of the things above are wrong. Teachers get offered salary well above the stated amount and like almost all schools in Doha/ the Middle East, the package is broken down to components as required by the labour department. On average, teachers take home around twice the UK take home per month.
    Anyways, I will always encourage teachers to ask schools directly when not sure.
  11. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Occasional commenter

    Pull the other one!... You are a new member and your first post just so happens to defend the school that you previously worked at?? The fact that your username is "hr73" and your post refers to the "labour department" only raises further suspicion regarding the integrity of your post...
  12. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

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  13. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

  14. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    So funny. lol
  15. pompeypfc

    pompeypfc New commenter

    Depending on your experience you should receive between 10 and 12k with accommodation and transportation. Also should have a flight a year and medical card from Hamad. A base salary this low is to save them money on your gratuity. Average rent for one bed flat is around 5k or more.
  16. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    I had an interview with them just recently. The question about salary came, I asked for something in the region of QAR18000/month - I did not get the job! They were only offering shared accommodation and a bus to the school, which tells me the accommodation is way out and hence might be a bit dodgy!

    The local hire TAs were on 6500 / month at the gas school in Al Khor!
  17. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Occasional commenter

    You are recommending a very poor salary, especially considering the cost of living in Qatar is increasing at a rapid rate! I know British schools who pay considerably more than what you are specifying - with private medical insurance as well!
  18. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    I would have to say that @pompeypfc is correct about the current salary. This is very unfortunate that the salary is decreasing. I have spoken to many people including those who I know are currently working there and that seems to be the salary range. Also, seems that the base salary can be lower but some schools are offering extras on top of base salary. I think this is done so that they can give a lower gratuity allowance.

    With regards, to the medical, most seem to be getting private medical policies but I can see the shift to the public system soon. They are having to put more towards accommodation instead due to the increase in rent
  19. liammyers86

    liammyers86 New commenter

    I have worked in this school. They are a disgrace and no amount of money would make me go back there. If they offer you a bonus, make sure you read the small print as it became very clear that the bonus is not how it is advertised or comes across over interview. The school is falling apart so the students (who pay large fees) are allowed to do as they please without ever being really disciplined. Exam marks are also fiddled so as to not upset the parents paying the fees. Management are morally bankrupt and expect you to be quiet and forget any professional standards you ever had. In short, avoid this school.
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  20. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    lianmyers86, yes, but surely the honour and the privilege of working for Madam A*** and the jabbering doctor far outweigh all of the small disadvantages you have mentioned? Or are you suggesting that the outrageous lies and scandalous exaggerations that have been written about these schools on the ISR are in fact true? You are? I thought so. I agree with you. The only bit you got wrong was "...avoid this school", as I believe that there now six or maybe seven schools in the Sir Isaac group and they are all b****y awful..

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