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Edinburgh PGDE primary interview - any advice?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by sincethen, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have applied to Moray House for the PGDE primary course and am waiting to find out if I have an inetrview or not. If anyone has any advice about the interviews or preparation for them, I would be very grateful to hear it.
  2. Hi sincethen
    I am also waiting to hear back from Edinburgh. I asked when we should find out and was told it will be before the office closes for Christmas, so I'm guessing it should be next Thursday/Friday!! I know last year they did group interviews. If you have a search on the forums there will probably be threads from last year. Good luck!! x
  3. hey guys
    im also waiting to hear back from Edinburgh. Last year's lot found out if they had an interview on xmas eve so yea prolly thurs or fri this year! Heard they are quite into social justice, getting it right for every child, inclusion act etc.
  4. Hey!! Have either of you heard anything from Edinburgh yet? x
  5. hey! i haven;t heard anything yet! [​IMG] have u heard?
  6. Nope, not heard a thing either. I'm trying to convince myself that I might hear today but I'm sure that everywhere is closed for Christmas now! x
  7. Hey,

    I found out I had an interview for Moray House on Thursday afternoon, trying to not stress out until after christmas but finding it hard already!
  8. Hi. Same here - I found out last week too. Must admit I am really pleased but soooo nervous.
  9. Hi,
    I also have an interview this Friday, and cant believe I only came accross this website tonight! how is everyone feeling? I really dont know what to expect, and have no idea what to wear.
    The idea of a group interview terrifies me! Congratulations on getting the Interview by the way.
    Any idea of how many places will be available versus applicants?
  10. Hi galwayg - well done on the interview too :0) I'm soo nervous but excited as I've wanted to do this for ages. Group will be weird but we just need to remember this is our chance to shine. I'm going to wear smart office style but not a suit jacket as it's too restrictive.
    I think there are 70 places but not sure how many applicants there are.
  11. Hey guys
    were any of ye successful?? Myself and my friend got it...so excited!! i'm here looking up accommodation now!!

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