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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by sacko_uk, May 2, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had taught the new Unit 8 EDEXCEL course and had any resrouces to go with it as we have decided to teach it from next year?
    Thanks boys and girls
  2. fpno@another.com

    fpno@another.com New commenter

    Hi haven't actually looked at Unit 8 in detail yet, but I'm hoping it's similar to Unit H (old Spec). I have a few resources here.
  3. Hi, we have been teaching the new spec for 2 yrs now - started it as a shortcourse (one lesson per week) that is due to be examined for the first time on the 24th May.
    What religion are you studying other than Christianity? We study Judaism. If different, I will post some of our resources from the Rights and Responsibilities unit - which is only studied from a Christian perspective. We are still updating info from the old unit H so not got loads. I have posted revision notes on this site for the unit - but from Jewish point of view.

  4. Thanks for sharing the link - that looks impressive!
    We are studying Unit 8 next year and do not have the materials at home to hand but thought it would be 4 units? I am now slightly worried that I have somehow missed a unit in Unit 2 exam (new unit B) that my Year 10s wil be sitting a few weeks - that was 4 units (I HOPE!)
    A x
  5. Thank you so much for sharing these, thay are really helpful and really appriciated.

  6. We are using Islam as the second religion....again thank you Teresa really appriciated.

  7. Angek, it is four units. Off the top of my head - social responsibility, environment, war and peace, crime and punishment.

    Likewise, Unit 2 is four units - believing in God, life and death, marriage and the family and community cohesion. Fingers crossed for a kind paper!
    My fingers are as crossed as possible too!!!! x
  9. Yes, it is definitely 4 units, don't panic.

    To the OP - I have spent the last 2 years resourcing this sepc on my own (lone specialist) - don't mind helping out on odd bits you are struggling with - but I am loathe to hand over months and months of hard work!

    What area are you finding the hardest?
  10. I have just finished Unit 8 with Y11, ready for their exams in a few weeks. There is a load of stuff on tes resources already, I do Islam as a second religion. There are some particularly good packs by Brummyboy....Good Luck!

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