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Edexcel unit 2 GCSE controlled assessment - doing well within the word count

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by worksleepwork, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm a drama NQT really struggling with the 1000 word word limit on the documentary response. I'm really struggling to advise the students how to meet to criteria within 1000 words. Does anyone have any top tips? Any advice I can pass onto them for how they can structure the work? I'm guessing they should focus on a few aspects of the workshop rather than the whole thing. Should they talk about at least 4 explorative strategies as per the spec for planning the exam?
    Sorry for so many questions, I'm in a bit of a panic! THey did surprisingly well in the exam but I'm worried they're going to do badly in the documentary response unless I can sort out how to guide them better. (No Yr11 group at my school this year so this is the first year using the new spec here)
  2. Hi! Don't worry about asking questions! It's hard to be in charge of an exam class as an NQT - I remember it!

    To be honest, I'm not starting with my Y10s this year until I've seen what my Y11s got last year, read the moderators reports (my own and the general Edexcel one) and been on a course.

    One thing I'd pick up on - what do you mean by exam?
  3. That sounds sensible, it does really feel like shooting in the dark at the moment! By exam I just mean the 6 hour practical.
  4. Remember that the Documentary Response is assessed for AO3 Evaluation. Get that point through to your students. If they just narrate what they did, they can't really get much more than Adequate. Make sure they evaluate the work of other groups in the class. Get them to focus on the strategies, elements and medium of drama in their response. For Unit 2, with the 1000 words, focus in on less of the workshop but in more detail. As U2 is about the play, make sure they write about the staging of it - elements and medium of drama in particular and able students might wish to think about the playwright's intentions but that might be pushing it for 1000 words! Hope that helps.

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