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Edexcel Spanish Listening

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by emilytaber, May 23, 2011.

  1. Any thoughts?
    Compared to the other papers from the new spec i thought it was quite hard - also 3 of the questions seemed to have adopted the old spec with the "put a cross in the 4 that you hear mentioned..."
  2. Any thoughts?
    Compared to the other papers from the new spec i thought it was quite hard - also 3 of the questions seemed to have adopted the old spec with the "put a cross in the 4 that you hear mentioned..."
  3. Hi !
    are you talking about the Foundation or Higher? I sat in the Higher exam, and thought it was ok, a little more challenging than the 2010 paper. My colleague sat in the Foundation exam and said the voices were not clear and a couple of the questions were a little ambiguous.
    My Year 11s certainly looked a little deflated coming out of the higher.
    I would be interested to know what you thought of the foundation particularly as I didn't hear it.
    Rach [​IMG]
  4. Hi
    I havent listened to the foundation, but those kids seemed OK about it.
    I thought the question about the youth club was awful! I struggled to hear it!!
    My kids came out depressed, especially my high achieving ones who normally are quite upbeat...
  5. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I haven't listened to it yet (and probably wouldn't understand the majority) but I had a student sit it this afternoon (Higher) - Venezuelan boy moved here at age 5 but speaks Spanish all the time at home, so I'm hoping he did OK.
  6. Seemed to be harder than last years and the speed of the speakers a little faster too? Our Higher candidates found the last question very difficult.
  7. Yes, my colleague who was supervising the Foundation mentioned about the speed and clarity of the speakers, although I would like to listen to it myself to check.
    I thought the last question was particularly tough....
  8. ...Perhaps the grade boundaries will be lowered somewhat. Wonder if it might be worth mentioning to exam board about the speed and clarity of speech on there??
  9. mpc


    I was in on the foundation paper. I think it was harder than last time's BUT not necessarily a bad thing in terms of grade boundaries. TBH, I didn't particularly notice speed or lack of clarity being a problem...
  10. If you wish to feed back your concerns direct to Edexcel about a specific languages question paper, please contact us. You can use the languages@edexcel.com email address (or complaints@edexcel.com if you wish to make a formal complaint).

    Subject Advisor Languages (Edexcel)
  11. Hmm, our kids liked the environmental question as they felt it was easy to pick out key words like agua, televisión. I thought the paper was generally okay but felt the last question was very tricky. Our kids would have been fine with a short, blonde haired thief but the description seemed to pick out things which would only have been mentioned in passing in class i.e. bald, tattoos. I suppose they've got to try and find some way of working out who really knows their stuff. I didn't like the question on shopping much either but thanks to the wonders of multiple choice I think most of my lot would only have dropped a couple of marks.
    I do worry that there is very little separating the bottom from the top on these shortened papers. The difference between grades last year was only a couple of marks and this doesn't seem overly fair. We entered many of our weaker students for the higher as we felt they had a reasonable grasp of vocab and would be able to guess their way through it. I'm hoping we aren't proved wrong but some of them are far more likely to get 15 marks on a higher paper than getting 30 on a foundation. We'll have to wait and see but it seems wrong when kids can have some good luck and guess their way to more marks than a class mate who has much greater understanding but has not been so lucky with their guesses.
  12. Yes - same on the French too!
  13. Many thanks for your feedback on the topic of 'The Environment' which I can confirm is not a prescribed topic or subtopic for listening and reading assessments.
    Please be assured that candidates will not be disadvantaged. Edexcel will review Question 7 and ensure that appropriate action is undertaken at the awarding meeting. There is no need to apply for special considerations.

    Subject Advisor (Edexcel)

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