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Edexcel Sample Assessment Material Grade Boundaries

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by thegothmother, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Apologies if this question has been asked before, or if the answer is somewhere obvious, however in either case, I have missed it.
    I am using the SAM materials from Edexcel (paper 1MA0/1F and 1MA0/2F) provided on their website as part of a 173 page (or thereabouts) document. In order for them to be of use to me and my students, I need some ideas on grade boundaries. I know that there won't be any official ones, as they'd only be drawn up on the basis of results (or is that just an assumption?), but if anyone has any informed input, please share... This is driving me witless - I've spent far too long trawling the net to no avail and I need to do some gardening!
    Please help!

  2. Ive done tha Mock paper for 1MA0/1F/2F with students and am in the same predicament. Rang up Edexcel and they simply cannot help due to the fact that there has not been an Exam series with this spec yet!
    Great eh?
  3. Especially as I am trying to motivate students to work towards the "functional" style questions, which they find incredibly difficult - I'm hoping that this will apply to all schools and that the grade boundaries will be lower, but I can't afford to assume that!
  4. As the 1MA0 paper is losely based around the 1380 paper, i am going to take my boundaries from there ... i think
  5. My gut feel (having done this paper as a mock) is that students are scoring lower marks on this paper than they would have done under the old spec.

    QCA's policy was that, at change over between specs, attempts should be made to ensure that students, in general, would gain the same grade on the new spec as they would on the old one. The idea is that as the new specs settle in teachers gain more familiarity with them - in the meantime students shouldn't suffer.

    Now, of course, the big spanner in the works is that OFQUAL has replaced QCA and although it is meant to be independent from government that 'gap' certainly seems far narrower today than it did previously and Mr Gove has gone on record as saying he wants tougher exams and expects pass rates to fall in the short term as a result.

    My fear is that the issue of fairness to this cohort of students may be cast aside for political reasons.

    Which, of course, is down to the highly political nature of the way education is run (by all parties) in this country.

    The sad fact is that, collectively, politicians have done more to prevent improvements to our educational system by their constant changes that we, as professionals, are expanding time and energy on coming to grips with rather than our time being spent on focusing on being better teachers!
  6. That's what I'm thinking. Add to that the fact that my students have FFTDs mostly in the D-E range and I'm concerned that they will actually end up with (undeserved) F-G. The big question is: should I use a lower grade boundary to help motivate, or a higher one and risk complete demoralisation? I can see the arguments both ways.
  7. <P> Or a 3rd way?
    <P> Tell them that we have no idea of the boudnaries (and why!) so you can't actually give them a grade but you can give them really detailed topic by topic feedback about areas they need to improve upon (and areas of strength).
    <P> I like to give the students a Red/Amber/Green for each topic area so they (and I) know where to focus time and energy.
  8. Yes, this is what I will do, but they will still want the security of a number to aim for! It's irritating, because I've worked so hard to make them realise that they have to fight for every mark, and now I can't answer a perfectly reasonable question!

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