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Edexcel results plus - access for teachers

Discussion in 'Science' started by Batsheep, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    I can't imagine why any school would block access, it can be a useful tool, we all have access to it, though some use it more than others. It can be very helpful in identifying questions that weren't answered well by your students compared to the national averages, so ytou can then think of ways of teaching the topic differently.. Perhaps you could get your exams officer (I presume he/she does have access to it?) to print off a useful bit of anaylsis of group performance and you could then show how you would use it to improve your teaching?
    These days it's the easiest way to access mark schemes and examiners' reports - why wouldn't you want it?
  2. sadscientist

    sadscientist Senior commenter

    I am a Science teacher and Exams officer - I have sympathy both sides here! Yes absolutely you should be set up to use Results Plus, it's a very useful tool. Exams Officer can set you up an email and password to use Results Plus only, but not secure downloads, which are EO confidential. But believe me (and I'm no technophobe) the Edexcel site is not helpful or intuitive about how to do it, which may be your HT's problem. Actually I'd say that it really is an Edexcel problem - it drove me bonkers the first time I set up a teacher to use it. Could you suggest your HT contacts Edexcel to "clarify the situation" about access to Results Plus? hth
  3. Hi
    I am a second in department and we recieved worrying results too. However you may be able to help me with my question.
    Can you tell me why our exam results printout had the results from the pupils all out of 80?
    I thought exam results were all meant to be out of 60 - 60 mins / 60 marks as said in the specification.
    Are you able to clarify the difference?

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