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EDEXCEL-- RESULTS AFTERMATH - What are you all doing?

Discussion in 'Science' started by sciencebloke, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Have you been asked to do an action plan ?
    What are you all proposing to do?
    Having done B1 in November, our students will now do B1 resit in May and C1 for the first time in May too. P1 will be done in November.
    Can someone remind me if there are any implications with doing this?
    I am aware that a number of you including myself have been asked to meet with HT and , the outcome of which in some cases quite unsavoury.
    These GCSE results are the worst grades I have witnessed in my Years as a HOD.
    I had approximately 120 students who sat the B1 foundation paper in November and only 1 student got a Grade C. This student should be applauded.
    Most of our safe students at KS3 level 5+ achieved G-E.
    I would be really grateful if we can share some of our plans .
  2. Finishing core in Nov is fine as long as you submit the controlled assessment to meet the 40% rule. Of course then there are no resit opportunities and the C1 in may if they require resits and they achieve lower the lower grade counts.

    i have been tearing my hair out over these exams. I have retested all year 10's using the released papers and grade boundaries and the results are so poor. I have come to the conclusion most will have to do foundation although they need to get 60% approx to get a c but its the only way to avoid more u's.

    How have others chosen which tiers for students?

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