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Edexcel remark of Spanish Writing

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Manolos, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    has anyone requested this? if so are you confident the marks will go up?

  2. we have requested for French. Who knows?!
  3. I am not confident of anything anymore but we have sent off the students who are at no risk of dropping a grade (overall) as they can go down.
  4. I want to get a complete remark but for 65 students that could be costly!!!
  5. Not yet, but fully intending to.
  6. I am currently not trusting Edexcel as far as i can throw them and so i would recommend you get them re-marked asap as i suspect they may drag their feet thus meaning you may not have chance to send of for a second round of re-marks if you wanted to see how the first few turn out before sending a load off (if that makes sense!) Ours were sent off last week and i'll let you know how they turn out, Fingers crossed......
  7. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    Has anyone had their Edexcel exams remarked? If so what was the verdict?

    Have had mine send off for remarking and was womdering what the turnaround was?


  8. We've had our German remarks returned and not one has moved a single mark, which I find preposterous! We submitted about 12 students, so 24 pieces. I'm astonished that two separate markers would agree mark for mark. We've also submitted French, Italian and Spanish but not had those back yet.
    All of our written marks were way below where we expected. Again we moderated internally and following guidelines explicitly. They seem to be totally inconsistent and some students have moved as much as 30 marks down (from an A* in our eyes to E in Edexcel's eyes!) Baffling.
    We also had none of speaking marks changed and we submitted for 233 students, which makes me question the writing.
  9. Did you ask for just a re adding up of the marks or have you paid to have the actual papers remarked from scratch? Our marks were very inconsistent and we can't figure out any logical way the marks have been allocated. Not impressed with Edexcel marking at all- and not impressed that I emailed them last Wed to ask for some help and/or clarification and I haven't had any reply.
  10. Hi,

    We paid for a remark, which is why I'm a bit stunned that nothing has changed at all. Not a single mark for all of the students!
    Very odd and not the last Edexcel will hear about it!

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