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Edexcel Religion and Life Unit 2A....Exam today

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by allieb21, May 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone get any feedback on this from their students yet?
    My kids said Section 4 was hard [​IMG]
    This was my first time putting kids through aswell. I can't see the paper until tomorrow afternoon so have to wait and see full paper!
  2. I was my first time as HoD in another school and entered every boy (my predecessor entered 30-40%) so nervy too! Marraige&Family Life section, I think, wasn't "nice" and, yes, the final section was similar I'd say. &Media came up as a (c) question which I didn't do...arrggghh!
    Anyway, done now!
  3. Ah definitely scary! Not much more we can do though! Do you know what section the media question came up in?

    I feel little nervous but won't know till august now! Roll on next unit eh!
    Are you doing full or short course? I'm doing full. Have an option class of 11 so not too bad for first time!

    Well fingers crossed for good results!
  4. I was quite pleased with it overall, some questions were a gift. The purpose of marriage one is a toughie but we'd done that in class - rather a lot made a mess and we went over it with model answers from thise who did a great job on it. Quite happy. See what Monday's paper brings - that's my stressy one!
  5. Leviosa which way have you done the course then?
    I'm doing full course exam this summer, well today, and other next summer?
  6. purplemonkey7

    purplemonkey7 New commenter

    Most of the paper was fine, but the way they have started to word some of the questions can be really tricky for the students. Think this is really unfair because the kids do actually have the knowledge! Surprised that there was no homosexuality or racial harmony on it!

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