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EDEXCEL - religion and life and society - raising achievement

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by joeybird, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Hi folks

    On a bit of a begging mission but happy to exchange resources - does anyone have any resources/ideas/help that can help embed exam technique into GCSE lessons for Religion and Life and society? Content is fine but I'm fairly certain the key to upping the exam results (which I really need to do) is in the exam technique and not sure me just telling them about it til I am blue in the face is helping. I really need some constructive tips, guidance and help if anyone can find the time to share.
    I would really really appreciate it - having a hard time this half term :(
    My email address is absynthfairie@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much in advance

  2. Hi we do lots of model answers which are worth say 4/8 or 2/4 etc and then the pupils have to have a go at marking them.
    We also do lots of peer marking because I think it helps them learn the technique if there looking for say 4 developed reasons in someone elses work they start to check their own has it to.
    We also try to answer at least one GCSE question b, c or d in each lesson. And when they write out the question their answering in the margin we get them to write what they need to get full marks, so two developed reasons for 4/4, etc
    I dont really have any resources for that as tend to do it with pupil answers from end of unit tests and things.

  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    have you tried writing mats?

    A3 laminated sheet/on the board etc

    the mat contains all the information th students need (key quotes, starter sentences, key words etc) so that they can look at the sheet to help style their answers.
    Teach the students a style ie
    on one hand son Catholics will disagree because____
    on the other hand _____agree because
    I think ____ Because
    Class co-op answers

    If you have an old OHP or a interactive board.
    Split the class into different groups and each groups comes up to add to/argue against the previous group/the exam question

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