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EDEXCEL Religion & the Media HELP!!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 18, 2011.

  1. 8 & 9!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way would I want to do the issueslike sex, abortion, homosexuality in the depth I do with year 10s with a year 8 and 9 group. Good grief. What do they then do in years 10 & 11?

    Re programmes that's a tricky one - I would maybe avoid a film with arating altogether and find a TV proframmew ith a suitable clip on it instead. I think I read the other day in my TV magazine that one of the soaps is going to do something on euthansia. There was the episode of casualty recently when a Jehovah's Witness refused blood and then changed their mind at the last minute. Something like that might be more appropriate.
  2. Hi I agree with the other post, whatever about year 9, year 8 is very young! However I would be inclined to draw on TV programs as the kids will be familiar with these eg The Jackson storyline in Emmerdale. Try also to see if you can get clips from utube re Christopher Reeve, very good documentary followed his story, or the series of documentaries which looked at the work of the childrens Hospice Helen House. Music video Johnny Cash 'Hurt' is an excellent discussion starter for different age groups.
  3. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    I completely agree that years 8 and 9 should not be expected to cope with some of the issues involved in GCSE RS. Whoever has come up with this crazy idea cannot have a clear idea about our subject. In a way it is a compliment to teachers to imply that RS teachers can successfully do what teachers of other subjects cannot but it is more likely to be seen as RS is so easy that younger pupils can do it and leave time for the more important and difficult subjects later. How long will it be before they start doing GCSE RS at Key Stage 2?
  4. My friend has been told the same thing by her school. She was going to start Religion and Life in Year 8. Last weekend at the NATRE conference in York she was explicitally told by NATRE that it was illegal to teach GCSE that young- maybe look into the legality of them doing this. Year 8 are no way mature enough to deal with these concepts!

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