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Edexcel Re-Moderation

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I am looking for help and advice please.
    Has anyone had a re-moderation for Unit 1 in the past? I have never done this, and don't even know if it exists?
    It is obviously an EAR but, do we have to send all the paperwork again, if not - how is the remoderation done?
    I am disappointed in our Unit 1 results - not that they have been adjusted (by FOUR MARKS! - if anyone can shed any light on that - would be useful) BUT the fact that my moderator's report is unspecific and undetailed and gives no real clues as to why FOUR MARKS have been deducted from everyone ...
    Our report is very undetailed - no mention of any of our texts/performance seen etc the weakest I have seen - all very generic comments ..... and then to have four marks taken off - I am seeking some clarification.
    Will we get anywhere or are Edx likely to support their moderation process and not change anything (therefore wasting my money).
    Advice would be very helpful.
  2. Never had to do this so can't really offer any advice but just really shocked that there isn't any clarification of why the marks were changed. How unhelpful. Hope you can get some answers/changes on your appeal.
  3. I appealed one year on a coursework module (but was at GCSE) - I enclosed a letter and my previous good moderators reports on the same texts / schemes of work.
    Anyway, they did change some and 4 candidates ended up going up a grade boundary.My top candidate had been moved down 11 marks!!!
    The best thing about the process, however, was a VERY detailed moderators report (obviously done by an important person!) It went through all aspects they are marked on and was both complimentary about good aspects but clear about where we had gone wrong. I used this as my bible the following year.
    I wonder if you could complain and DEMAND a new report, it just may cost a lot of money to remark for edexcel to probably not change it anyway!
  4. That's a really good idea.
  5. I'll start by saying that A Level is not my area of expertise with Edexcel Drama (that's GCSE as most of you know). It's worth asking for re-moderation if things aren't clear at all. I agree that it's a real pain if you have changes like this and do not have a detailed report to tell you why. When you send the stuff off for re-moderation, enclose anything that shows you haven't changed your practice: it might help. Renton, just because you got a detailed mode's report, it doesn't have to have been done by an important person: simply, a moderator who is very conscientious and understands the value of a detailed report. You can't demand a new report because there's no guarantee that the work would have been seen by anyone other than the moderator and the notes they make are the only notes on the centre. I'd be inclined to get a remark of a couple of the students and, if successful, you have a case for the rest. The Board will change marks if they are wrong - but I suspect that they don't change the mark if it doesn't change the grade. Not sure if that bit made sense. Trouble with Drama is that you - as a teacher - are looking at students' marks in relation to each other. If student 1 has just got a B and student 2 is similar in your mind but gets a high C and you appeal, it might be that student 2 was marked correctly and that student 1 was over marked but they won't tell you that, they'll just say that student 2 was marked accurately.

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