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Edexcel Psychology?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by 1983peace, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. A-Level?

    I really like it when I taught it, and it most definitely is student friendly. Its broken down into key approaches and their is variety within them: Studies, theories, key issues (applied) and the opportunities for students to conduct their own studies. I teach OCR at the moment, and as sometimes completly mystified for mark allocations. Plus, it often feels like students know a lot about a study, but very little about its practical applications.

    Plus, youve gotta love any AS level that features a multiple choice section!
  2. I haven't taught the new spec but I always thought pretty highly of Edexcel when I taught the old one. Main strengths were that at AS the structure of the spec seemed to lend itself very well to helping students think psychologically and there were interesting applied topics and a well thought-out synoptic approach at A2. If those strengths have been carried forward under the new spec then it's definitely worth looking at. I found it was particularly good for lower-achievers as the exam format didn't disadvantage them anything like as much as AQA-A did.
    As an alternative I'd suggest a close look at AQA-B - it has many of the same strengths that old Edexcel used to have although I'd be slightly wary of using it with students with lower prior attainment as the extended writing element of the assessment might pose a problem.
  3. Hi
    I would recommend Edexcel to anyone. I have done AQA A and B (old specs) and started Edexcel in 2008 after quite a lot of research into the content of the spec and assessment. It is the only Psy AS with MCQ in both units. There are also some short answer questions at A2. Students can get good marks by knowing the subject content, rather than being able to express themselves nicely. Our results have also improved. Student voice indicates that students like the course and would recommend it to others. Child and criminological psychology are the two options we cover for unit 3 and they sit very well together.
    The exam board is very helpful and responded to emails within 24 hours.
    Marking criteria are straightforward and easily understood by staff and students.
    In short, it was a good move for us. We are very happy with it and intend to stay with Edexcel.

    Change now - you won't regret it.
  4. We switched a few years ago and we love it! our results have been consistently better and the kids are able to access it and understand its simple yet effective structure.
  5. charleypants

    charleypants New commenter

    I've taught Edexcel for the last 4 years since I started teaching, but my school has been following the spec for several years. I taught AQA A old spec while training and did OCR for my own A level (rubbish). Have to say I wouldn't want to change from Edexcel. It covers all the main areas in AS and then for A2 we do Criminal and Health, with the other options being Child and Sport. Clinical and Synoptic are both mandatory and are on the final unit. I will say that students still do struggle but there are more opportunities for them to achieve, e.g. with different styles of questions on the exam. Plus, whenever I go to county network meetings we're the only school who doesn't have any gripes about shoddy marking or students not achieving what they should have (coincidentally we're also the only school to offer Edexcel...). It is very clear in the specification what needs to be covered, unlike AQA A which I find to be very vague in it's requirements. However, this does also make the course very regimented so if you like having the freedom to teach what you want then I wouldn't recommend Edexcel as there are very few areas where you can do this (mainly only in the Key Issues). Also, it can be a bit repetitive in the first year and students do get a bit bored with 'describe-evaluate' all the time. However, many of our students enjoy the course, especially when they get to A2, and several continue on to study Psychology at uni.
  6. Thanks for all of these comments. It is looking much more promising. Being as I have spent hours and hours doing SoW for WJEC, I think one more summer and that's it. If there is no improvement this year - then it makes sense to make the move. How about textbooks and resources?


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