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Edexcel/Pearson Examiner

Discussion in 'Education news' started by olli808, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. olli808

    olli808 New commenter

    Good morning
    Has anyone else had any negative experience with Pearson this year? I have been working as GCE/GCSE History examiner for over 12 years (mainly AQA/ Edexcel in 2016 and 18) and I have never experienced such a mess before. The lack of communication, poor quality of team leader, lack of guidance/structure etc made me terminate my contract with Pearson’s four days after the standardisation meeting. They also still haven’t paid me for the new examiner training and the standardisation meeting. Is it just me who has had such negative experience with Pearson’s this year?
  2. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    I have worked for them for many years as an expert examiner but decided that last year was to be my last. For many of the above reasons. The direction of travel has been clear for a few years now and I am not surprised by your experience.
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  3. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    I wonder what would happen if most/all examiners decided it wasn't worth doing the job...;)

    [FYI I gave up after 2006, having marked at different times for OCR, Edexcel & AQA for nearly 20 years]
  4. olli808

    olli808 New commenter

    The most frustrating thing was the lack of communication. I had to chase up everything myself and I have stopped counting the phone calls to their helpline. I also wrote a long email to Pearson, explaining in detail why I decided not to mark any papers this year. No reply.
    I marked papers for Edexcel in 2016 and everything was fine then.
  5. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    I've been working for them for several years. The quality of team leader issue (and, as a team leader, the quality of some examiners) has always been with us - occasionally the TL isn't up to the job, but also occasionally they have crises of their own (I remember sending email after email with no reply, then getting an apologetic response - the TL had been rushed to hospital and had now come out of the Intensive Care Unit).
    The staff dealing with each qualification vary in quality - the pressures on them are very high as there seem to be not really enough staff, and senior management don't seem to understand what goes on at the sharp end. But with good staff - and my papers have been blessed with them recently - things go very well. Unfortunately some of the best staff leave - I'd guess for better pay.
    I'm happy with the work and support on the whole (some excellent Principal Examiners) and although I could do with better pay I make a reasonable rate per hour.
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  6. ABCCBA123321

    ABCCBA123321 Occasional commenter

    I walked away last year (I did the KS2 tests) when the whole undertone of things had switched from actually valuing their markers to viewing them as annoying children to be kept in line and treated like ****. It was really a marked change in how they were viewing and treating us.
  7. olli808

    olli808 New commenter

    My biggest point of criticism is the administrative aspect of the marking process. E.g. I was offered no contract until the beginning of May (I was accepted as an examiner at the beginning of March). I rang them up to clarify the situation and I was told that there were no history papers available for marking. I then received a phone call two hours later and was asked which paper I would like to mark. Two weeks later I was withdrawn from the paper and I was told that my services were no longer required. Again I rang them up to get clarification and within one hour I was offered another paper. I then had to chase up the details for the standardisation meeting....etc. I know that the quality of the examiner/team leader does vary and I was simply unlucky with my team leader this year.
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  8. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    "I also wrote a long email to Pearson, explaining in detail why I decided not to mark any papers this year."

    And you think anyone there really gives a sh **? I doubt anyone even read it.
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  9. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    I have been a TL for KS2 Maths for several years. No complaints this year except for the fact that the pay has gone down over the past three years.

    Still, it pays for a holiday.
  10. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    I walked away from marking GCSEs for Edexcel this year. Team Leader was unhelpful with no guidance/clarification available- on standardisation weekend they were available for 1 hour on the Saturday and 1 hour on the Sunday, so there was no-one to ask. In the end I gave up after doing 25% of my allocation. In comparison I also marked for OCR. The software worked, team leader responded to queries. I would work them again no question.
  11. islandlynx

    islandlynx New commenter

    having marked only 25% of the papers could you give me an idea of the rate they pay you per response compared to what they stated in the contract assuming you marked all of them. they have offered what i think is an unmanageable amount this year and im worried i wont complete the allocation

  12. Happygopolitely

    Happygopolitely Established commenter

    The pay is incredibly low. I would wave goodbye.
  13. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    I can't remember as it came through in pieces, depending on how much I'd done by each of the pay dates. Each question was paid a different amount.

    For me Edexcel is not good money, unless you get the bonuses. OCR is better money and efficient systems. The only reason for touching Edexcel is that all the schools in my town deliver it and you do get some useful insights into the mistakes pupils make and alternative methods that work.
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  14. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    They will pay the contracted rate but not the bonus. So pro-rata for the number of responses marked.

    You should be able to make £20 per hour at least - but of course you will speed up as you work through the contract, so it's probably in the £15 range to begin with, rising later. I measured my marking on my last contract was comfortably over the £20 per hour.
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  15. stonerose

    stonerose Occasional commenter

    I read somewhere today that after the leak of exam materials on-line that the police may now be involved. However I cannot remember where I read it! Is anyone else aware of this?
  16. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    It is in The Times and on the BBC website. Police are involved and are passing a file to the CPS. That's with respect to the 2107 A Level Maths C4 paper. Police still investigating 2018 C4.
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  17. nervousned

    nervousned Senior commenter

    Very proactive.
  18. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    They've down graded me from an expert to a graduate marker this session! I wonder what the next step down is?
  19. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    What was your report like after the last series?
  20. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Well the comments were all good. The agreement with my TL on the back read was over 99% (which I presume is OK) and 100% on the validity responses. I have never looked at these reports until you mentioned it. I wonder if they are written in code so I'm happy but what my TL is saying is 'he's c**p'. To be honest I hate marking and don't think I'm good at it, but I feel I should do it.

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