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Edexcel OSCA

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Rapster, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Failed again. I realise now that the only way to pass is guesswork and going against natural instincts for a valid qualification. Even phoned Edexcel to find out what the pass mark was and how close i was only to be told 'there is no pass mark - the senior standards verifiers decide whether you have passed or failed and they do not give out their marks'.

    So we have an exam board setting a test with no pass mark, no appeals process, no clarity of decisions (questions which include 'which best describes' can only be described as subjective therefore invalid).
    I give up!
  2. Sorry to hear that you didn't pass....
    I did manage to pass - but the number of hours it took in prep was huge.... I thought it was me being really dim tbh - but realised that the time beforehand and during, with the notes I made on where my answers differed etc seemed to help....but is not (IMO) a good use of my time!
    Are the commentaries up yet? Worth comparing these with yours?

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