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Edexcel Ning

Discussion in 'Geography' started by SARAHRANDLE, Jul 29, 2016.


    SARAHRANDLE New commenter

    I'm just wandering if there is an Edexcel Ning for the new GCSE A spec? I have come across the A level and GCSE B spec groups but not one for A?

    Any of you kind people point me in the right direction? I'm moving boards from Aqa to Edexcel and looking for a little support as I am the only Geographer in the school.;)
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    I found the B Spec one, as I'm new to Edexcel too. Have you signed up to go on one of their preparing to teach courses? I went to one a few weeks ago and it was an enormous help. That's where I learnt about the Ning. The courses are free and if you do go, you'll be able to ask any questions like that. I really recommend you find a course, especially if you're the only Geographer - that way you can build yourself a network.
  3. Mr_Bird

    Mr_Bird New commenter

    Hi Sarah, did you find the ning? I found the one for my last exam spec really useful - OCR, and am new to EdExcel A this year.
  4. BarryIsland

    BarryIsland New commenter

    There is a facebook group for Edexcel A with a schoology group.

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