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Edexcel New GCSE and KS3

Discussion in 'English' started by songsong, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. songsong

    songsong New commenter

    Has anyone else opted for the Edexcel new GCSEs in English Language and Literature? If so, are you also using the EOY and baseline assessments at KS3? If so, how is it going? They look difficult to me esp the y7 baseline assessment. I know they don't need to get too many marks to achieve the appropriate step for their age but I teach at a school where kids are by and large high achieving and I don't want them to sit a paper when they're going to find it really tough and be demotivated just so we can show they're making progress. Also would anybody be willing to share their course outlines/SoW for GCSE? The models available on the Edexcel website suggest a Lit/Lang split but I'd rather take a unit by unit focus then switch focus depending on which lesson you're doing in the week.
  2. alipops1986

    alipops1986 New commenter

    Hiya songsong,

    We're doing the New Edexcel GCSE in English Language and Literature. Slightly different context, we're a small SEBD special school. I'm planning using the EOY KS3 assessment as small tests as we go along, literally just a question focus each time. There is definitely no way my KS3 pupils would be able to do them, but I think they're helpful for us at KS4 to monitor progress.

    I'm following the Edexcel Eng lang/lit split planning at the moment, we have 5 lessons a week at KS4, so it's working out well doing 1 eng literature reading lesson and 4 language focus, then swapping it around after the half term.

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