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Edexcel new BTech- Jamie Oliver's Home Cooking Skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jowilson5419, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I have just been told, with 4 days left of term, that I am teaching this new BTech next year!!
    I have not been on any courses but think the spec sounds just up my street. Is anyone else teaching this in September?
    wonder if we could share ideas.
    Jo Wilson
  2. TC7


    We are to Year 9 starting with level 1. We think it sounds good !
  3. I am teaching this in Sept to a Yr 9 group, what level are you doing and to what year group? I would love to share ideas as I am in the process of writing a SOW at the moment. I haven't been on any courses for it, but I have been in touch with Edexcel and I think more courses are going to be offered.
  4. I'm probably going to be teaching this as well but haven't been on a course. i'd love to share ideas as well.
  5. We are looking at teaching it from next September, but to our year 10/11 level 2. It was not out when we had the options for year 9s into 10 to be able to start this September. I would be interested in finding out how things go with the level 1 and year 9, as we might do that as well.
    Please keep your comments about the course posted here as I know that most Food teachers would be interested.
    Good luck!
  6. Yes I am going to teach it in Sept I was fed up to learn that there had been training courses and that I missed them.
  7. Help! we are launching this course in an MLD school. We have not got much clue. I would love some support from anyone out there who could tell me how you organised your children. Are you teaching all Level 1, and then doing Level 2, or are you running them concurrently? We are trying to write a scheme of work and having read the amount to be got through it all looks a bit impossible with our children. Any help gratefully received!! We have got started on eggs!!!!

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