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Edexcel modular maths GCSE

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by elizabeth1972, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Could anyone please shed some light on this for me? I'm a primary teacher, and my son (aged 14 in Y10) is taking a modular exam on Monday. Although we've been revising for a while, looking at what he has been doing in class, We've only just (Friday) been given the board and paper details so I can get a real past paper online. They've been giving them both AQA and Edexcel papers to revise with!
    He took a past paper for homework about 2 weeks ago. Some of it he simply could not do. It's been a long time since I did GCSE maths and although I could help with most of it, there was also some I couldn't do. He highlighted the questions he had no idea about, and I wrote a note asking if he could have some extra help with those topics before the exam. He got the marked paper back yesterday, and has had none of his questions answered.
    He scored 27/60, and the teacher had written "3 more for a level B" on the paper. She had in fact not marked one question, which was correct and worth 3 marks.
    We've searched online to try and find another past paper, but the one we've just tried seems much harder than the one he was given in school.
    All I could find was: http://www.edexcel.com/migrationdocuments/GCSE2010/Maths-B-SAM-WEB.pdf
    He's doing the Higher Tier, Unit 2.
    What really worries me is that, at aged 14, he hasn't covered the full maths curriculum yet. We've just done the online paper I found, together, and there is so much he doesn't know (or areas where he can't apply existing knowledge) that I think he'll only manage to get a C.
    If he gets a C for this module, is it still possible to get a B or higher, overall, next year?
    Any pointers, advice, links to past papers, etc. very welcome - I know it's all a bit last minute, but the school seem to have left it to the last minute as well!
  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    email me your phone no and I'll be happy to talk you through it: adamcreen at hotmail dot com
  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    Generous offer from adam. I can confirm he is not a loon if it helps.
  4. He won't have covered the entire Maths curriculum yet as this is for a modular paper. What would be surprising would be if the school hadn't covered the entire requirement for that module.
    I find it surprising that the school hasn't given you the board details until Friday, but know that when we discuss exams, boards, dates in our school many pupils just switch off and take little notice.
    I've even had them write down the dates in organisers and yet a week later will say (to the effect), "When is the exam, you've not told us." Your son might not be this type of pupil, but I can assure you that many see April as an age away even though we're now in March...
  5. I too can confirm that Adam is not a loon: in fact he is a complete star!
    Thank you so much Adam: you have made it all so much clearer. We're calming him down, we'll work through some of the papers together and I have a list of questions to ask at parents' evening next week.
    Why do schools insist on making things so complicated? Brambo, he's desperate to do well, and listening carefully, he's just not being given the info!
  6. If that is true you have a right to complain.
    We always let our pupils know the dates as soon as possible. My Y10 class taking early entry in summer will be reminded of the dates again next week. Our Maths department has calendars with the dates of exams on it visible if a pupil wants to look.
    What I'm saying is that often at 14/15/16 a month seems a long way away. Too many pupils don't think much further than next week or even tomorrow. Often it is only the parent who is concerned until the day gets much closer.

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