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Edexcel modular Foundation revision list unit 3

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lancsHOD, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    Here's a revision list I have written by looking at Nov 2010 and June 2010 papers, do you think I've missed anything Key?

    Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without a calculator
    Calculate the change if I buy ......
    Find the cost on 1 litre of petrol if you know the cost of 27
    Best buy questions, exchange rate questions
    Simplify ratio, share in a ratio
    Convert fractions to decimals and percentages
    Add and subtract with mixed numbers
    Find fractions of amounts, write one number as a fraction of another
    Add, subtract, multiply and divide with negative numbers
    Find percentage of amount, simple interest
    Interpret conversion graphs and distance time graphs
    Solving equations
    Forming and solving equations to calculate angles
    Substitution into expressions or word formula
    Expand single brackets
    Simplify indices
    Solving inequalities, display inequalities on a number line
    Trial and Improvement
    Draw quadratic graphs and use them to solve quadratic equations
    Measure and draw lines and angles
    Constructions and scale drawing
    Identify congruent shapes, tessellate shapes
    Symmetry- line and rotational
    Transformation- reflection, rotations, translations and enlargements
    3-D solids- names, faces, edges and vertices, recognise nets
    Sketch 3-D solids, plans and elevations, isometric drawing
    Angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and other polygons
    Circumference and area of circles
    Pythagoras’ Theorem

  2. How about bearings?

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