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Edexcel Moderator feedback

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Manolos, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    has anyone been able to get their feedback from the Spanish Speaking exams on edexcelonline?
    French and German are available for my school but not Spanish
  2. Ha! That says it all really! All we have had is a sheet with vague information about how well we oversaw the adminstration of the samples. We have had nothing that explains why our marks were reduced. Apparently the E9 is what we need but it isn't there and according to the Exams Officer doesn't exist.
  3. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    i called Edexcel today and they were somewhat sheepish and didnt really want to give too much away!I have managed to get the moderator feedback which says I was lenient! if my top sets and natives speakers are speaking with opinions, 3 or 4 tenses including the subjunctive and are answering questions without hesitation since when is that seen as a 10/30?
    It then asks that a selection of 3 tasks should be sent in! if my students havent dont all three tasks it is hard to send all three tasks!

    how can they get away with marking down not just all students moderated marks but all the unmoderated marks without even listening to the students work?
  4. A selection of 3 tasks???? That's outrageous when we are only obliged to do 2!!! I would want to know exactly HOW you have (allegedly) been too lenient- it is unacceptable to be so vague when we now have to teach (and mark) the spec again whilst trying to right our 'wrongs'. They get paid to do this job and considering the amount of work we and our students put in we should demand the same of them. I wouldn't accept that if i were you. Kick up a fuss until you get some proper answers (or at least until you've exhausted all possibilities)

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