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Edexcel Maths results

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Malletthead, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Anybody else been surprised by the Edexcel Maths grade boundaries? 86% for a C on Modular (foundation - unit 3) compared to 65% for Linear. I understand this has had a big impact on schools who do modular and now have much lower than expected results.
  2. sonofspivak

    sonofspivak New commenter

    Ditto for Higher - Unit 3 43.75% for a C compared to 26% on linear.

    Over the 3 units we took, the boundary for a C on modular was 43%.

    In fact Unit 3 (supposedly a harder unit than Unit 2) saw the boundary for a C 7% higher than Unit 2.

    Our results were awful!!!!

    Interstingly we switched some students who were failing badly on the modular course onto the linear course. They ended up outperforming students who were on for a C on the modular course but ended up getting a D. Very disappointing.
  3. It is also a big problem at the Higher end of the grades - 80% of the marks are still a B grade. We have a student who dropped only 2 marks on the first 15 out of 18 questions - overall raw score of 48 out of 60 and still only got a B grade. That means 0 to 80% of the marks cover grades D, C and B and 81 to 100% cover A and A* - how can this be correct? How are we supposed to advise our students about the level they are working at when it varies from one exam to the nbext?
  4. sonofspivak

    sonofspivak New commenter

    I think it just goes to show that however much we think this is not the case the exams will be graded so that only a certain percentage of any cohort will get grades A* to C. It makes the whole examination system unfair in that linear and modular students are not treated the same.
    It seems easier to get a C grade on linear than on modular and this is not fair on students. We see D grade students getting C's on linear and C grade students getting D's on modular presumably so that the A* to C rates on linear don't look too low and on modular don't look too high.

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