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Edexcel Maths Marker Contracts March 2012

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by PAllan123, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Received my contract to mark GCSE Maths for the first time for Edexcel next month (5MB2F). I was just wondering if anyone else is marking this paper and exam series and what the pay to item ratio is like compared to me. I think because I am a new examiner (eventhough I mark for other exam boards), I have been given a reduced first contract. My contract is for 4888 items for £400 (inc. bonus). Does this seem right to others??

    Also, roughly does anyone know how many papers that would be?? I estimated around 120 (?), which isnt bad really for £400

    Hopefully I will get a bigger contract for the June exams

    Thanks in advance for replies
  2. Thank you both for your responses. I am going to email edexcel to find out if, in fact, there has been a mistake. I think that is a paltry amount for a qualified teacher to receive (My contract is for Higher calc). Hopefully it is a mistake and they will offer more. :)
  3. chrisa86

    chrisa86 New commenter

    Type 2 marking last year was about £4-500 for me but I had about 30,000 responses!

    This year I've been offered a similar amount for under 10,000 responses but as an "Examiner".

    This brings me to my actual question; realistically what is the difference?

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