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Edexcel marks

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by emilytaber, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. They're not marked that much more generously, Melissa.
    We purposefully avoided the open interaction in Spanish (it was done in French and will be done in Spanish for our current Year 11s shortly) - but our presentations and picture-based tasks were marked harshly. I think that because there are a set range of questions on the different topics, (although I assure you that students weren't asked identical questions, but how else are you going to develop a conversation about a student's last summer holiday without obvious enough questions? I tell them to expect the types of questions that a friend of their parents might ask them in polite conversation but solely on one topic.)
    We had higher students answering such questions as "si pudieras ir a cualquier sitio en el mundo, adonde irias? with carefully considered responses using subjunctive - perhaps even "si tuvieras un millon de euros, adonde te gustaria ir?" - okay, so they weren't totally off the wall unexpected questions (as we had gone through the types of questions that would allow them to use their tenses) - but if a student has prepared for these types of questions and recognises the tenses and know how to reply, what else are they supposed to do to highlight their Spanish? These students got Bs. That's appalling. They could have sat the AS speaking exams and spoken in detail about the topic of Lifestyle, Health and Fitness but they weren't awarded what they deserved after a lot of work. My students did not learn their responses off by heart (some tried to learn a run-in reply but this sounded stilted - others did a far more natural reply and were, to my mind, WELL within the 27+ bracket.
    Where do we go from here?
  2. mpc


    Please don't take this as gospel but my understanding is that you can't do a presentation and discussion too.
    Best wishes,
  3. Some of our students have had their french writing remarked and a decent amount of them have gone up by 15 UMS, which is obviously quite significant. There is still an issue with the speaking assessment marks as for some candidates their increase in the writing was not enough to push them over the grade boundary. They feel ( as many of the teachers feel) that the speaking was moderated down unfairly and worse yet, with no explanation.
  4. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    I wrote to Edexcel and they took quite a while to get back to me1
    I questioned the harsh marking of the speaking exam and how they all went down by exactly the same without asking for further samples or even at least listening to the 2nd speaking exam ofthe first samples. I was told they made "the assumption" and that is is why all my students went down!

    I am gobsmacked! My students have been emailing me and coming into school as they have not been allowed on their Alevel courses- this is so disappointing.

    My speaking and writing have gone in for remarking & I am hoping that grades will go up as I feel that this is just not fair
  5. I thought my results for the speaking were also low. Was quite disappointed with them. I do still think thought that these results are subjective. The results I gave were pretty much all marked down!
  6. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    All my speaking results were marked down. The moderator Feedback was very vague & out of 60 candidates only 10 were asked as samples & if they all went down I would like to know why further samples were not required and why they assumed the 2nd speaking deserved to be marked down?

    I am very disappointed with Edexcel and will be going to AQA

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