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Edexcel marks

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by emilytaber, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Your Examinations Officer could and should give you access to Results Plus. It is an essential resource for all teachers of examinations classes. Examiners reports indicate how they have adjusted your marks (if at all) so you need to know this for future assessments. It also includes a detailed individual sections analysis of performance both on a cohort and school basis. Insist on access - as an examinations officer myself (as well as a full time teacher!) I encourage my colleagues to take advantage of this service so go for it!
  2. Hello there,
    Your comments make for interesting reading, and like you too I am both incensed and confused about the marks I had had come back to me from the board.(Edexcel) Never before have my marks been adjusted and i have been teaching for 22 years. I have found that my marks have been reduced in the following manner.
    11-13 two marks deducted
    14-22 three marks deducted
    23 -30 four marks deducted.
    I have a candidate who has lived in Mexico for 8 years and who is fluent, yet was unable to achieve full marks despite it being glaringly obvious the Spanish is fluent.
    To add to this, I had to request the moderators report which had not been posted and this was contradictory in itself stating that some candidates had been severely marked and other marks given for the majority were too generous. The result ? everyones mark has been reduced by a minimum of two marks. Another point which i find galling is that for the sample 2B which the moderator has not heard has actually had a higher number of marks deducted than 2A even when the centre marks given are similar in the first instance. How does that one work???
  3. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    I have been left devasted at my marks. In my years as a teacher and like many on this forum my marks have gone down by 3 even 4 grades, I am now left in a position where I have parents calling and emailing me saying their son/daughter can not get into college due to their GCSE . how unfair is this?
    I rang Edexcel on Thursday and they said they had received no calls regarding the marks for MFL GCSE!! They did inform me that not individual students work can be remarked but it has to be marked as a whole co-hort!!! Is this there way of making money??
    I am also thinking that I have to go back an remark my assessments that my Year 10s ( new Year 11s) have done and feel I ought to take marks off (just in case!)
    My speaking results have been marked down by at least 5-7 marks! even a native speakers was marked down!
  4. Yes Yes Yes! I thought I was going mad...I have been onto the Results plus and gone and had a look at the breakdown. Our Writing marks are down...I've got students who to my mind are A/B standard in writing gaining Cs...as a Faculty we have all been on trainig sessions delivered by Edexcel and am rather confused.
  5. Yes, I agree - my best 4 students (A/A*) have been marked down to B/C...then on closer inspection in Results plus...one boy got 6 out or 15 for communication, whereas a weaker candidate got 12. I am thoruoughly confused!
    I was feeling really positive about the new specification, but some of the Spanish students' faces said it all.
  6. I would be interested to know if pupils have been penalised for being 'overprepared' as was hinted at in the Examiner's Report. I believe ours have been penalised for using structures they weren't perhaps confident with. Our predicted A* pupils (most of whom haven't got A*) have been mostly ok on the writing but our A/B predicted kids have been hit badly-perhaps they missed the mark. However, i do not accept this as fair seeing as we were clearly recommended on our course to encourage them to use sophisticated structures. I accept if they miss them by a mile then they should get penalised but if it makes sense and is a decent attempt they should not be. The examiners report seems to have rewarded pupils who are highly creative and whose Spanish is fluent. What are we expecting from GCSE? In any case, if native speakers are being punished then i really do despair. We did get some students who got full UMS -these are students who we deemed to be A* but others that we gave the same have come out on average 2-3 grades below with most punishment being in the Content bracket.
    We cannot get in contact with anyone from the MFL dept at Edexcel and i am sick of speaking to people on the switchboard who do not have a clue and constantly have to put you on hold to check information they then cannot provide and then simply give you an email address.
    Livid is not the word.
    No complaint? Yeah, right.
  7. I marked German writing this year. I haven't been hiding, but I'm not sure whether it would be a breach of confidentiality to reveal too much about the marking process. I am a very experienced teacher and have marked for exam boards in the past. I'm using a different ID for this post, because I believe some people know my real identity.
    I haven't seen the Examiner's Report, because I've been on holiday, but I think I know what he means by some candidates being "overprepared". In some cases, highly accurate candidates from the same centre were producing almost identical work. At best, it was formulaic with, for example, candidates' describing a holiday or their town using almost identical sentence structures in the same order but with a few items of vocabulary changed. Only the very best candidates showed a clear ability to manipulate language creatively. Quite often with these centres I marked the first couple of pieces and thought they were great, but by the time I'd marked a few more, I realised that most candidates were produciong very similar work. Only a few candidates showed a clear ability to use complex subordinate clauses, especially when using other tenses than the present. Although it wasn't essential for candidates to use "three time frames" (as it was in the past) some tasks made it very difficult for candidates to use other tenses and there weren't many "fancy" verb constructions (modals, um...zu clauses, etc.) to compensate.
    Some centres seemed quite disorganised. The work from one centre didn't match the tasks set and it appeared that the tasks had been added to the work after it had been written. Obviously the candidates were marked down for content. In other cases candidates wrote 700 or 800 words. Although we marked it all, these candidates sometimes lost the plot at some stage in their work and it wasn't all relevant - again they were marked down. It was difficult to compare tasks where clear instructions had been given (you should write about.../write about...) and tasks where suggestions had been made (you could include...). Personally, I hope the board will clarify this in the future. Candidates who had been given specific instructions were marked down if they didn't cover all the points. I would also like to see a clearer word limit.
    My personal impression was that written work this year was of a lower standard than it has been in the past (maybe it was just the centres I marked!) There far fewer absolutely worthless pieces of work, probably reflecting the profile of pupils taking GCSE MFL, but I also thought that fewer showed real flair. I hope somebody finds this useful.
  8. Same here. Some of mine have gone up 9 marks on the writing whilst others have gone down into the teens. As I marked them all and they were moderated internally, this seems to be completely ridiculous. I should add that I have over 30 years experience and have never had any changes to my marking or ours school's marking under the coursework system so think (or thought) I know what I am doing! Our speaking has also been 'moderated' down but I have not heard anything from the board. I am confused and concerned about these discrepancies as it has implications for the next cohort. Results Plus takes ages to go through but this is where I have managed to get my information. Very upset for some outstanding students!
  9. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    When it has come to the speaking results, my students have been marked down by 7 marks in both the 2A and 2B. In fact all my students have been marked down by 7 marks
    if there was such a difference in marking - why then has the moderator not asked for a further 10 samples? I had recorded all exams so the unmoderated could have been sent along for listening
    My top set students have had their writing marked down by 25 marks. In the years that i have been teaching not once has my coursework come back with such a drop in marks
    I am not impressed with Edexcel and will be looking at changing exam boards. I am disappointed for my students who worked so hard

  10. marilynphillips

    marilynphillips New commenter

    Hello all,
    I haven't compared my marking for the speaking with Edexcel, but I could do it for the writing (estimation grades that I kept for myself) and I just don't get it. I had pupils who used all 5 tenses including the pluperfect, indirect and direct object pronouns, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, reflexive verbs in the past, subordinate clauses, the subjunctive, so on and so on... a colleague in France told me that she would be happy if her terminales could write like this and yet Edexcel scored them as an average about 24 / 30. I just can't believe it. The same pupils also did Italian and no way they used such complex language in that language, yet they got 30 / 30 there. is French being discriminated? I can't help thinking so...
    what do you think about your GCSE writing grades?
  11. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    All the GCSE writing marks fr/grm/sp at my centre have gone down
    I really dont understand it
  12. I am going crazy trying to analyse every part of the new exams but still come back to the fact that students who we consider A* for writing have not come back as such. In these cases it doesnt really alter their results but it does when you look at the C/D borderline who have all got D's and E's overall and not C's because of the writing.
    Dont know what to do. I want to get them all remarked!!!
  13. parkert

    parkert New commenter

    Me too! We spent a lot of time as a dept standardising and moderating and used the Edexcel exemplars. We all thought we'd marked fairly reasonably. I got a rather snooty comment to say that ours had all been adjusted down as we had been too generous and had not standardised enough! I find this particularly galling as I am a team leader for the writing tasks! We did very well last year when it was the Applied - our marks were pretty much spot on that year and the one before it! I get so despondant for the students as MFL seems to get harder and harder each year. I'd love to be one of these 100% pass-rate subjects but it just never will be. I think it is wrong to moan about the lazy Brits who never want to learn a language and about the fact that fewer and fewer students opt for the subject, when the exams are so objective and so hard for the kids! Thankfully our FCSE scores have meant we have nearly the whole school on a D-G grade.

    p.s.: we had 2 Belgian fluent French speakers - they got an A and a B!!! No A* for them!
  14. marilynphillips

    marilynphillips New commenter

    Definitely, I know my pupils have used as stretched a language as possible such as the subjuntive, present participles, object pronouns, demonstratives, a wide range of vocab and so on, yet if i compare their speaking to an italian colleague, they just mark 21 / 24 out of 30 when in Italian - where they used no complex language - they scored 30 / 30. Where's the logic of it?
  15. I am nervous now that what used to be 80% A*-C will be 45% like this year. Thats a huge drop and the kids are no worse and worked hard. What do they need to do to get the top grades now?

  16. Also the grade boundaries for Italian are lower than for Spanish and mostly lower than for French/German. In speaking and writing you needed 52 in Spanish to get an A* and only 47 in Italian - that's a huge amount for an almost identical language with the same criteria for the skills which are supposed to be by outcome!! For a C it's 32 as opposed to 34. So if your's are being marked more generously in Italian with less demanding grade boundaries then it's no wonder the Italian is way up. Sigh...
  17. Write your letters!!!! Question them! Don't take it lying down! If you don't get the right answers then go to JCQ and complain.
    If at absolute worst nothing changes then at least we will give them as hard a time as we have had/will be having. Get justice for your students!!!
    Solidarity and support (for eachother) is what we need right now.

  18. it is just so demoralising and frustrating. Our 6th form French uptake is way down because of the results. I don't want to go back to school and see French with such a poor A*-C rate compared to all the other subjects. I agree that we should write and complain but does anyone really thing that they will up our marks. we are going to have our writing re-marked. Will be interesting so see if anyone gets an increase. At least this thread has been some help in knowing we are not the only ones.
  19. Have you got an address or person to write to?
    If we all write to the same area then we will have a stronger voice
  20. I don't yet! I'll see what i can come up with tomorrow (am new to the complaints procedure despite activist ranting!) and post it unless someone else posts in the meantime.

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