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Edexcel marks

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by emilytaber, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I've just looked at the Edexcel GCSE marks and the breakdown of grades. Did anyone else think that they were very harsh on the speaking marks? When looking through my results, even an A* pupil overall only managed to get 68/90 raw marks even though I thought they deserved a lot more than that.

    Would be interested to hear what other people thought.
  2. frenchy18

    frenchy18 New commenter

    Hi there, where have you got your results from?I am trying on Edexcel Results Plus, but I think that only Exams Officers and Head have access to this today. With regards to the speaking, we marked our own this year, so do you mean that the board have taken marks off? Did they tell you this after you sent in the sample for moderation?
  3. Mine aren't available on ResultsPlus either, I thought they were available to us 'normal' teachers today too, but now I can't find where I got that from...

  4. It's taking forever to go through my Spanish lot on Results Plus, but in terms of how well they moderated our (moderated) speaking marks they seem to be fairly in line for the middle grades. A C candidate with 17 out of 30, for example, was given the exact same mark by them. I'm using the ones that were sent off and properly moderated as they only asked for our random list and didn't request to listen to all the others.
    The higher grades seem to have been pulled back a bit, though - and I would have loved them to have listened to some more of my students who really are A* (only one got an A*) and were pulled back a little in overall UMS... I hate this system!!!
    But I am pleased with the results. How are you finding it?
  5. Mine too - for both French & Spanish. I'm really shocked- horrified actually.
    Results plus worked for me however the speaking results do not appear to be on line for anyone at the moment. My school's marks have been 'adjusted' too. I'm gutted that this has happened. I had a 'courtesy call' stating that results had been adjusted but no one can tell me what too! so I am working it out tonight.
    I too have a native speaker who did not achieve an A*, in French listening & reading an A* but writing & speaking an A...again can't believe it. But what a surprise no explanation...am not happy, not happy at all.

  6. Ditto! Our Spanish ones have completely floored me and i'm very upset. had the same call this morning re: adjusted marks-they've all gone down by a grade at an initial glance. Our Writing marks have come out shockingly lower than expected. Really don't know what has happened. We marked according to guidelines from the training session and used their sample material in moderating and yet seem to have got it so very wrong. Am in despair.
  7. Angelita - I am also in despair. I was gutted for the students - some of them even came & apologised for not getting their predicted grade. Have you seen the examiners report for writing? I followed the guidance & used the exemplars & even called the exam board to check they were ok & still issues! In the examiners report for writing it states that some of the centre devised written tasks were not suitable & centres are advised to check! I'll be really gutted & cross if that is the case....especially as we did check!!
  8. Our writing seem to be fairly consistent with what we had moderated internally.
    However, I've just sent Edexcel an email because I'm really rattled: we haven't had any such call from Edexcel to say that our marks have been adjusted but it's clear that (the worst bit) the higher attaining students (on internal moderation - students who have achieved 27/28/29 out of 30 and are outstanding workers with subject excellence) have been marked down by about 4 marks without a single examiner from Edexcel listening to their excellent speaking exams... This wouldn't have happened in the old exam - at least then they had to listen to them!
    What's the point in all the blood, sweat and tears (from us and from the students) when they're just been brought in line with the national average?! I'm furious! For many of these students they're within 6 UMS marks now of the A* and others are within 6 of the A... Which they have been achieving all along and if they can't get it I don't see anyone else in the next two years getting it!
    My strongest student (the A* indicator across the board type) whose ability to get the A* in Spanish was never in question (until this morning on my way in when naturally the doubt takes over) was only one mark into the A* overall - that's a travesty!!! [​IMG]
    Thoughts? A concerted effort to plague Edexcel about this benchmarking?[​IMG]
  9. We did also check that our Writing questions were suitable and changed them according to suggestions ie: you MAY wish to include.....
    I think it is really important to show some solidarity on this one. I have mentally devised an email to the lady who called earlier (re:moderation drops) regarding the poor quality of the training and the fact that i followed their guidelines and apparently they've just changed the benchmarks. It may be that there is a clear reason but i want clear answers.
    Please all write your complaints-it may well make a difference and if nothing happens at least you can say you've tried your best and had an outlet to vent.
  10. Angelita,
    I totally agree: we should show some solidarity.
    Everything, from what my faculty and I can see has centred on the teachers doing the work and the exam board doing as little as possible. Have they charged us less? No!!! We don't have to mark the writing ourselves, but if we don't do it we don't know which are the students' two best writing pieces to send off. They then don't even bother correcting their speaking assessments... I have now finished noting down all my students' marks and some are 1 UMS off the next grade boundary, [​IMG]having lost marks on the speaking which in my humble opinion they were fully entitled to. I know that I tend to mark them on the pessimistic side - if we were out on the marks why wouldn't they have asked us in the last half term for the other A list candidates to get a chance to assess them?
    I think they've been riding by the seat of their pants on this one, and we're the ones who have been made to do all THEIR work![​IMG]
  11. I am quite concerned about these comments as we are going over to Edexcel from Wjec. Yet we have had out best results for a while with Wjec.
    When we went to the Edexcel training we were impressed by the amount of support, resources etc they promoted
    Not sure what to do now.......

  12. mairi4

    mairi4 New commenter

    Are the grade boundaries anywhere yet? My head of department and i cannot fathom our writing marks, I attended Edexcel's training and thought that the marks they were giving on the samples were generous and I always mark harshly, yet a pupil I was sure to get an A for her writing got a B and exactly the same mark as a pupil who I had given an estimate of a C for his writing.
    I cannot access Results Plus, can only some people? I have a login for Edexcel online, but it doesn't seem to work for Results Plus. I thought I would be able to as I am subject coordinator.
    We cannot afford a remark of the writing, I can only assume that the grade boundaries are much higher for writing this year than last year's ones. What do I do with the year 10 ones that have been done ( not submitted) and that I thought were either on target or above target?
    I am going to try and get on the training again, the one with the 4 skills feedback, but our school is really short of money as most are. Overall our German grades are good, but we have fewer A grades than expected and this is due to the writing marks.
  13. No sign of any grade boundaries for me yet either. Earlier this morning I found two lots on line for June 2011 which was really confusing & this turned out to be boundaries for skills. Do you have those? Let me know if not as I have them next to me & I'll post them.
    I have also asked for training, more training but I'd like my entire department to go on it but there is no way we can afford that!
    My deputy head said that he would support a remark which I am delighted about, though I am still gutted that he even has to suggest it!
    I am going to write a formal complaint or certainly raise my concerns about this debacle...I am sure that nothing will change...and it'll be down to us teachers to work out what to do & do the best for our students (just like always).
    Grade boundaries in other subjects have changed by an increase of 10 marks. I wonder if this is the same for us - we just don't know it yet!

  14. It looks to me as if the writing UMS is exactly the same as last year, as for Results Plus you need to be given permission by your centre exam coordinator.
    My writing marks are all over the place compared to what we had predicted when we marked them.
  15. Does anyone please have information on how to access the Examiners report for Writing for Spanish? Is it only available through the On-Line system with the exam officer's password?
  16. frenchy18

    frenchy18 New commenter

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    </font><font size="2">Have just been
    woken up by a huge storm and can't sleep for thinking about this. I am glad
    logging on that there are others in the same boat. </font>

    <font size="2">I am absolutely gutted with the Spanish marking for our Centre,
    both the Speaking (majority of candidates marked down one grade, several by
    two) and also the Writing, again some marked down by one or even two from what
    we estimated. </font>

    <font size="2">This has had a huge impact on A* grades, none at all, despite
    students performing consistently at A* level in practice Reading and Listening
    papers, and us following the guidance/training etc. from the board and spending
    HOURS of time moderating amongst us. </font>

    <font size="2">What makes it even more a joke is that our French results on paper
    are A LOT better and candidates who are achieving B's in French do just no
    compare to ones in Spanish who have achieved a B (which should be an A* in my
    humble opinion. </font>

    <font size="2">The GCSE Spanish teacher also teaches the GCSE French course, and
    there have been ZERO problems with the marking/moderating there, which makes me
    think that it is an issue with the Spanish marking. If I remember rightly, our
    Speaking moderator was a Native Speaker, which of course should not mean
    anything, but I am wondering if he/she has just simply been too harsh. </font>

    <font size="2">What really gets my goat is the fact that we had to wait until
    yesterday to receive a phone call explaining that the marks for Speaking had
    been changed and then had lots of disappointed students. How are we supposed to
    predict grades and targets for our students without giving them some indication
    of what we think they will get for the 30% and 30% of their final grade? This
    is no doubt how to avoid this happening in future, but I think it is
    unrealistic to not tell them anything throughout the course. Incidentally, last
    year I was in a different school and we had the exact same problem under the
    Old Spec for French, with OCR, but they at least told us about it in June so we
    had a heads up.</font>

    <font size="2">I received a phone call yesterday afternoon from someone in the
    MFL section at Exdexcel, who was not an examiner who could not tell me much
    more than the fact we had been moderated down, that we needed to consider
    further training for the New Spec (my colleague has over 25 years&rsquo; experience
    as a MFL teacher!) We had to download something called the E9 report, which
    only the Exams officer could do, this took 2 hours to come through, and when it
    did had no recommendations about where we had gone wrong, despite us being
    promised such details by the original person I spoke to. I asked this person
    out of interest roughly how much percentage of centres this had affected and
    she said 30% had had problems with the Speaking that needed moderating down.
    That cannot be right.</font>

    <font size="2">I am upset and demoralised for my students, who have worked like
    the clappers for 2 whole years to achieve, only to fall at the last hurdle.
    Students who do both French and Spanish at out Centre have received higher in
    French than Spanish.</font>

    <font size="2">In terms of Examiners' Reports, I have only found the Speaking one
    on the Spanish Section of the Edexcel website. I have accessed Results Plus a
    lot this last 24 hour and it is painstakingly slow and frustrating. There is a
    breakdown of individual students' marks for each component on there. </font>

    <font size="2">As for raw-UMS conversion marks, it took me 30 mins searching and
    them 20 mins on phone to Edexcel yesterday to find them. You need a login for
    the site to access them and there are basically two grids, one entitled GCSE
    Unit Uniform Mark Grade Boundaries June 2011 and one entitled GCSE Unit Grade
    Boundaries June 2011, you have to look at one then the other to find the
    conversions. A little time consuming. </font>


    <font size="2">This is the page, scroll down to find June 2011 and them open the
    two PDFs entitled GCSE Unit Uniform Mark and GCSE Units.</font>

    <font size="2">I feel marginally better having had a rant but am going to compose
    a letter tomorrow to the exam board expressing my utter dismay and
    disappointment at this farce, that has shattered the dreams of some lovely kids
    who deserve better than this.</font>
    <font size="2">Gutted. </font>
  17. Thanks for the link to the grade boundaries. So it appears that candidates needed 5 more marks in the Spanish speaking to achieve an A* in that module than at Christmas! This just gets better and better. Another thing I am waiting for a reply on is what Edexcel did about the fact that they included a question on the environment (a topic which is not in the new spec) in the listening exam. They said that they would take it into account at marking!! A shambles doesn't even come close........
  18. frenchy18

    frenchy18 New commenter

    I spent a lot of time last night after my rude 'storrm' awakening writing a two page letter to them.
    As for the environment topic, that is bad, I complained at the time too. Their new textbook for GCSE even has a unit on it!

  19. I thought it was just AQA that this had happened with, it now seems that Edexcel are the same. Maybe we should all move to the Welsh board? My native speakers did shockingly badly in writing, one even got a U. How is this possible? All my students received lower marks for the writing than I think they should, despite getting A* on everything else. I am really fed-up and it's gutting for the kids who have worked so hard.
  20. Manolos

    Manolos New commenter

    My top sets and Native speakers ended up with a C grade! not what I was expecting! [​IMG]

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