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Edexcel marking

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by lilyloopy, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. I recieved my contract today and have a few queries.... Is it worth doing for the £? How much time will I realistically spend marking over the period of time? 1 hour a day.... every waking minute...? What is the training day like? Where is the training day held? please let me know any pros and cons as am trying to make up mind whether to do it or not......!
    Thank you
  2. I recieved my contract today and have a few queries.... Is it worth doing for the £? How much time will I realistically spend marking over the period of time? 1 hour a day.... every waking minute...? What is the training day like? Where is the training day held? please let me know any pros and cons as am trying to make up mind whether to do it or not......!
    Thank you
  3. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    Whether or not is worth doing depends on how much you need the money. It does take time, a couple of hours a night minimum plus much of the weekend for about 3 weeks. The venue of the standardising meeting depends on the exam board and subject you are involved with. If you teach the course you are marking, it helps your teaching of the course because you find out what they are looking for.
  4. davidmu

    davidmu Occasional commenter

    The vast majority of Edexcel meetings are in London, the venue for which is probably stated on your contract. They run from 1000 to 1700 hrs usually, for which you are paid. The chief examiner takes the meeting and directs the marking criterion usually allowing no input from examiners, as decisions have been made the previous day with other senior examiners. Other posters have stated the demands required of you. Some only ever do it once, others mark for 20 yrs or more.
  5. what are you marking ? I have done ks2 sats for last 2 years and my training has been in the north west. last year was much nearer than first year. It is hard work but if you get organised it can be done...just don't go on holiday in may half term !
  6. Training day - waste of time, too many people arguing over the markscheme.

    Marking - takes ages, lots of forms to fill in, lots of monitoring of your marking.

    Pay - depends how badly you need it.
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Evening, Mrs Tafkam!

    Yesterday I e-mailed your hubby to "warn" him that there was a poster claiming to be his wife.

    He has just told me that you really are!

    Welcome aboard.
  8. I have the choice of AQA or Edexcel? Which one is better....in terms of time spent against pay...I need advice. Thanks
  9. Hi lilyloopy,

    Having always marked religiously well for 30+ years - I thought it would be food and drink and some extra cash.

    However, I found the marking really, really tedious. As other posters have said - some people love it and have been doing it for years and are able to fit it in around the 4-6 weeks timetable given.

    I could not possibly do it again - I was almost tearing what hair I have left out. I found it incredibly hard to discipline myself to a solid number of marking hours every day (although you do speed up over time).

    I marked the Science papers which in many ways are significantly less time consuming than English. However, as someone with a Maths and Scientific background - I thought many of the questions bizarre and many of the accepted and not accepted answers questionable.

    In the end I was questioning my own scientific understanding!!

    In terms of money - it is taxed at source and at £2-4 per script (gross) depending on the subject - it is really hard work and many many hours work for a few hundred pounds.

    A first timer wouldn't normally get more than 400 or so scripts.

    Teaching on supply is a far more lucrative way - and easier/quicker way of earning some money at £100+ per day!!

    My advice is think carefully before committing - as you put a real spanner in the works if you back out at the last minute or half way through. It is not an easy option by any means!!

    Good luck


  10. Do it. apart from the money, its excellent CPD in your subject. The key to it all is organisation (said by someone who habitually pays bills late and arrives late for virtually everything). I aim to mark 30 scripts per day: 15 before breakfast and 15 in the evening. Once you get into the routine it becomes quite straight forward.
  11. Just had confirmation from Edexcel too, (Key stage 2 Science, Gloucestershire) so interested in this thread. Opinions very so!
    I've a couple of queries too that I don't think have been anwsered yet, apologies in advance if you have.
    Would they really expect me to go to London from here? Bristol / Birmingham, even Swindon much easier!
    Do you have to do the training day every year you mark, or is it a one off?
    So how much do you get paid for the training day? Does it come close to the pay for a full day of supply?
    They say they pay travelling expenses to the training venue. Is this a full refund of train/coach ticket, mileage allowance & car-parking? Do you get this on the day or into your bank account months later?
    Little things I know, but you helpful chaps have already answered the bigger queries, if in a contrasting way!
  12. Opinions "vary", not "Very," sorry!
  13. vikingar

    vikingar New commenter

    re travel expenses

    not on the day - months later.

    they say that they will only pay mileage where other forms of transport are unavailable. i usually end up driving and not claiming - the one year I had to go to a conference centre in Sheffield I could technically have gone by train and taxi, but it was easier and cheaper to go by car.

    This is my fourth year marking and I;m expanding to do A level as well as SATs (NCTs if you're Markuss). I think it's hard work but worth it - my husband is unemployed so I just need the money. It has also revolutionised my teaching for KS3, and has helped me to get my current job. By the end I am tearing my hair out, but I have to say that at least you get some right howlers with English - so there's a fun aspect. I also found having a markers support thread on this forum a real help.

    :) vikingar
  14. I have been marking KS2 English since it's inception, and am now a team leader. The training day is held at different venues all over the country. You should have had a contract very soon from Edexcel giving details of this. You attend every year you mark. Attendance is compulsory and it's a very draining day, plus you have to allow time the day after to mark your standardised sample and feed back to your team leader before you're finally cleared to amrk live scripts. It's very time consuming - I always do most of the marking during the 1/2 term holiday. You can claim for travelling expenses - keep receipts. All other payments are automatic at the end of the marking period. Aim to get it in your bank account some time during August. Good Luck!
  15. I've marked GCSE Maths for Edexcel for about 10 years. It is hard work - about 2-3 hours per day and most of the weekend for about 2-3 weeks. But it has really helped my teaching. I do virtually no administration now since all the scripts I mark are done online. I no longer unpack scripts, check attendance registers, contact schools to find out where missing scripts are, enter the marks on mark sheets or pack them up and send them back. However, the marking load has increased to compensate for these improvements. The meeting is always in London and I have even met markers who have attended from as far away as Ireland or the Scilly Isles. Since I moved to marking the Modular GCSE - I can mark 3 times a year if I'm lucky.
  16. Tear up the contract and bin it. Don't mark for exam boards. You are propping up an awful exam regime that is making millions for exam companies (don't even think that some of them are 'charities') and subjecting pupils and staff to unacceptable amounts of workload stress. The ONLY way anyone will sit up and take note is if the system is put under increasing pressure. are you really happy that schools spend more on exams now than books?


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