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Edexcel markers Unofficial TES Club

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 9, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know why I can't get on ePen?? When I click on GCSE, it comes up with a very strange 'Application error' page. Help!
  2. Close your browser, then open it again and have another go, that usually clears it.

    Can someone tell me their allocation for paper H please (expert marker, not TL or anything?)

  3. 5575 2731
    5576 783
  4. Thanks for that - I seem to be allocated over 2000 on each paper, as well as being a TL!
    No wonder I'm struggling to get my allocation marked!
  5. EM
    How many do you mark each day?
  6. On a good day, around 200, but I've been working through the review items, which means I often look at a lot, but don't mark them, because the paper needs to be pulled, or it's a religion that Victor needs to mark.
  7. stop doing review and do pulled papers then
  8. The items need to be cleared from review before they're sent to pulled papers. Hence marking review items first.

    Not sure why you told me to do that?
  9. Contact for PE then
  10. oops typo!! meant to say contact your PE then
  11. I have...I just wanted to check someone else's allocation first so I had something to compare it to.
  12. Gideons bibles are bad for the environment....

    what a weird answer!
  13. Finding it tough this morning - seem to be getting loads which give what I think are acceptable answers/reasons but don't follow the mark scheme.

  14. So many say that 'love your neighbour' is one of the 10 commandments which is a tough one to mark
  15. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Finished and no more work available. Just spoken to TL who confirms it!

    What can I do this weekend?
  16. Egyptiangirl

    Look at page 3 of the mark scheme first paragraph - that is what I follow!

    Love thy neighbour is a difficult one but it does sum up the ten commandments and it is only the weaker candidates who get 1 or 2 that make this mistake so I think it is fair to credit it.
  17. I have now done 1500 extras and still going strong - mind it has taken me all week to do this! Am looking forward to collecting that cheque asap! wELL not cheque but the deposit in my account.
  18. Lapinrose - enjoy yourself!
  19. thanks Hugo

    I agree although our TL has said otherwise!
  20. "Christians are optimistic and the advice from the Buddha helps them. The Buddha and the 8 fold path contribute to Christians being good."

    Nice :)

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