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Edexcel markers Unofficial TES Club

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 9, 2007.

  1. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    I would gladly help out my team leader and mark some more

    But since I haven?t heard anything from 'them for several weeks, not even a well done for finishing in time etc...

    So I?ve stuck to my plan done the basic marking and no more.
    Maybe the money would have come in handy but I don?t really need the extra, only marked this year because I was asked, and that if tell in the half term.
    It's good enought now having a teachers wage!
    Just wondering how badly I will be hammered for tax this year!
  2. Rubric section question - Possibly for E.M?

    Each thingy is labbeled like S1b, S1c, S1d and mine go up to S5.

    So I was marking them as question 1b,1c up to 4d but then of course it struck me that they stop at 5 and in 5 there are questions 9&10 i.e section 5.

    Now looking back, the answer that were being given are related to the SECTION in the exam paper so S1b gave me all the rubric from section 1 i.e rel and social responsibility and all the b questions that needed to be marked.
    So of course I've send loads to review because I saw them as question 1b not Section 1, b questions.

    My TL says I was right ( my first thoughts). Now I'm not convinced.
    Which is right?
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    yep questions 1 and 2 are in S1
    3 and 4 in S2 and so on
  4. so not only have I don't them wrong but my TL is wrong too. What should I do?
  5. done them wrong :)
  6. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    dont worry ;)

  7. Nothing you can do if you have sent them to review already.

    It is pretty straightforward though. they are rubrics precisely because the candidate hasn't indicated which question that they have answered or has mixed the 2 questions in the section up.

    In the rubrics section to mark it is your job to decided in Section 1a is it question 1a or 2a that they haev answered adn then marked accordingly.

    If it is in review it will just mean that someone else has to do it instead. don't worry it won't mess up their marks or anything.
  8. thanks
    Just worries me that she is saying that it is questions and she told me she is marking them like that!
    Oh well, lucky review markers!
  9. Glad she's not marking my kids' work then. It doesn't take a genius to work out it cna only be one of two answers!
  10. lol I made the mistake at the start but that's because I didn't even know what the rubrics were!
  11. That's why you have standardisation and a team leader - something has obviously gone wrong somewhere along the line.
  12. "It seems as though in Islam, men are more often forgiven than women."

  13. Question...

    OUtline Christian views on Euthanasia...

    Candidate says "some people believe etc" but doesn't actually say Christianity. Do they get the marks?

  14. mmm dunno send to review?
  15. Yeah that's what I did!!!

    I seemed to get a few in a row and worried about sending loads to review!!

    How's the marking EG?
  16. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    If i can remember right (havent marked for over a month!!!)

    if they dont make a clear ref to the bible they cannot go past level 2
  17. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    Diana, if the question asks for Christian responses, then you have to assume that they are giving Christian responses, even if they don't say. That doesn't mean they are correct!
  18. hi dianaprince

    Its going OK. My TL says to stick 100% to the mark scheme but I fully well know that even in the Victor Watton text book alternative answers are given and I think it is morally unfair to not give credit. Oh well - I may be struck off!

    Anyways, because I started late I'm not sure I'm going to reach the deadline!

    How many are you doing a day?
  19. Depends on the day!!!!

    Well I don;t have a deadline! When I was offered contract I asked what teh deadline was, so I could work out whether I could do it. They said there wasn't one, just do it as soon as I could!!
  20. lucky you! I may be able to negotiate mine...

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