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Edexcel markers Unofficial TES Club

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 9, 2007.

  1. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    Mark all the questions you have access to on 5563 in case you end up marking some...
  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    i dont seem to have 'end' for how many i can mark

    have done 30 now for 1d....

    esp if im not getting paid to do all these

    would be nice if we was just told do to the 1st 10 then email TL or something
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    PS noja not a go at you

    thanks x
  4. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    Grandelf - these are only practice ones although on the live site - standardisation takes place online next weekend using qualification scripts - at that point all will be wiped. You aren't getting paid for these - they are just so that you know how things are being answered - 5 of each question will do x
  5. Hello all. Just a query as we are all in the same boat....
    If we mark ten answers for each question then that would be 100 responses.

    Surely we aren't expected to do this for free seen as they are actual exam papers? I'm very sceptical about practising on the live site and wasting a lot time.
  6. Just read above. ok, still seems a little silly. I much prefer original standardisation. i.e. meeting in person.
  7. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    They are on the live site but all your marks will be wiped next weekend - this is the equivalent of looking at ten scripts before standardisation which is part of the QCA rules - it gets you to see how the questions have been answered and how to use the markscheme. I would say this is really important if you are hoping to pass your qualification papers and be allowed to mark.
  8. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    The standardisation process is next weekend so this is not the equivalent - I agree about missing the meeting of people though!
  9. This seems quite long winded - last year we had the exam on the Thursday, then we were standardising on the Saturday, and on to marking the following week - any reason why we are taking longer to standardise this year?
  10. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    We had the exam on the Tuesday not the Thursday - it caused lots of problems for those choosing standardisation materials to get them chosen and marked and then printed in time for the meeting on the Saturday - as it is, there are a small amount scanned in at the moment but we need Monday before we will have a selection to take to the meeting and then we have to mark them...they gave us extra time this year for those reasons.
  11. 576

    576 Established commenter

    I think last years exam was actually Wed but could be wrong.

    We can't standardise till after team leaders have standardised and as your team leader should have told you that isn't till the back end of next week.

    I've nearly finished my practice but have been scaring myself with how many I need to do a day to meet the quotas.

    Just hope all goes smoothly so that I can get a good head start over 1/2 term.
  12. I just wondered, that's all!

    I'm aware of the standardisation process, just wondered why there was the long lead in time - which has now been explained.
  13. I was told.. this week way just'playing' on the site. As you would have done with traditional scripts before standardisation. Just flicking through the answers - so when you are standardised you can have an informed discussion with the team leader or PE.

    The whole thing has to be reset after standardisation. Noone is looking at these marks - its just 'practice'.

    Then after the big wigs have pow wowed, there will be some formal practice scipts we have to do.. these will be like sitting around the table at the traditional stand. Apparently, we mark them and then the computer shows us the agreed answers. This is when the playing with, from this week,..... with become useful - I intend to give my team leader a hard time and make sure I understand why they have awarded marks for what...

    Then we do a CE1 - some 'qualifying questions' and then probably immediately a CE2 - samples like traditional scripts. When we have done two lots of qualifying questions... we start marking...hopefully aiming for bank holiday Monday.. unless you stay up all night!

    I do not know if qualification items come of the allocation. ??
  14. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    EM - am truly sorry if I came over somewhat crappily (and yes, that is a word up north!) - it's been a bit of a long and trying day and I am tired...
  15. Noja - I'm a northerner too :)
  16. i finally received my username and password. (after 3 days of bugging helpdesk on the phone !)

    however, i can only go into the practice site!

    my standardisation meeting is on saturday - am i not meant to get hold of the question paper beforehand ?!
  17. hi ya
    when does the standardisation online start from and when does it finish?
    When do we get our allocated papers?
  18. 576

    576 Established commenter

    Team Leaders are currently in London for their bit. So I guess sometime over the weekend. I would imagine our team leaders will e-mail / ring to let us know.
  19. OMG - have just heard that afterall I am not marking and will not be needed!!! They have too many markers now for Paper C. I'm so cheesed off as I'd cleared my diary, got on top of my school work and installed a new hard drive on my laptop!!! Aaaahhhhh
    OK rant over - I feel better now!
  20. So will i be told when standardisation starts?
    Is there anything i need to be doing in the meantime?

    It's so much easier to go to a standardisation day, at least you know where you are with it all.

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