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Edexcel markers Unofficial TES Club

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hugo you naughty boy if you had been through the training on the disk you would know exactly what is happening.

    OK her is lev's guide to easy marking.

    Install your disk.
    if it doesn't work - make sure you are not using it in AOL

    Try again if it sill doesn't work uninstall e pen and java and then start again with disk you should now be OK :)

    Evening of exam go on AA site and download paper and mark scheme

    48 hours after exam free rpactice marking is available

    On stnadrdisationdate work through practice questions adn qualification sets - then you can and mark whatever.

    remmber to be good and speak to your tema leader between each phase

  2. However, it's not clear when the practice marking will be available.

    I'm assuming our team leaders will be contacting us with their details so that we can contact them upon completion of practics marking sets.


    I have to say I like the look of online standardisation and will like doing it in peace & quiet. Last year I found it hard to think in a noisy room.
  3. I agree curly that room drives me to distraction nad I cna;t think straihgt but I also like someone to nag and tell me exzctly HOW they have come to that decision.

    plus it was an added bonus to meet you, Noja, zookeeper and Hugo.

    Even if Hugo did take over the airport coffee shop!
  4. I think it is a shame we do not meet in person, it gives everyone a chance to bounce ideas off each other and make friends to support us (other than the team leader!) through the marking period! but that is just me! I imagine lots of people will enjoy the standardistion in their own homes and be able to get on and mark instead of travelling home.

    I believe, but am not sure, after the exam it will take about 48 hours for things to be scanned... so that will be friday/Saturday.. so from Sunday/Monday some items should be available to practice on.

    We can then discuss what problems we can see arising with team leaders... who could/will take this to their planning meeting. But from what I know I do not think this is happening until the end of the next week, and we can then do some sample questions on Sat/Sun 25? and possible some 'qualification' items which will be like our first samples... once we have had permission to mark we go for it... starting in time for the half term holiday.

    As I say... this is all piecing things together so ... ask your team leader what they know when they contact you.
  5. *Sigh* i have got the delectable T as my team leader again . :) Well done the person who allocated that :)
  6. lucky you... but i think his loyalty is with me!
  7. LOL I am sure it is but I am very pleased as I worked well with him last year so am feeling reassured by his presence ;-)
  8. I have a different team leader to last year and as long as this one doesn't go on holiday a week after the exams like last years did then I'll be happy.
  9. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    the rate this is going to take im not going to be able to use the holidays to break the back of the marking!

    they said sunday in an email about when Stand.....s will be on line...then we have to email them in..wait for new MS etc then we can start...
  10. I have returned contract and so far have gotten nothing through the mail! No EPen, no passwords, no team leader details... in fact although the exam is this Thursday I have no clue about what is happening.

    It seems that the organisation is as poor as ever!

    Fingers crossed that it'll be sorted by the holiday otherwise its not going to get done. I feel that the Forum will be useful as we struggle through the next few weeks together...
  11. It always comes good in the end. i am sure all exam baords are the same. I've certainly found Edexcel better than others I;ve been with.
  12. My TL for A seems nice enough...and the TL for H is brilliant....it's me!
  13. I think the aim is to have everyone up and running for the Monday of half term... that gives us a week??
  14. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    its getting to the point where if i dont get epen etc soon ill be sending my contract back and withdrawing...

  15. ooo Em would be great to have you as a TL!

    lol grandelf I don't even have a contract. count yourself lucky!
  16. You need any more markers for H E.M? I could do with doing both.
  17. RE: EPen. I phoned Edexcel and spoke to someone who told me that I could simply download EPen from this website:


    I also managed to get most of my passwords over the phone from them too.

    Hope that this helps you.

  18. I just appointed and told I can download ePEN like you said but I have to ask for a password and user name from religiousstudies@edexcel.org.uk, they check who I am before letting me loose
  19. sheamus - no idea on the staffing front - give them a ring and volunteer your services!
  20. Noja

    Noja Senior commenter

    The live site is up and running guys - get marking papers (it's ok, they get cleared after everyone is standardised) - there are, as always, some very funny answers! If you don't have your password you will have to phone the helpdesk - I locked myself out by trying all the usernames and passwords!

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