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Edexcel markers Unofficial TES Club

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, May 9, 2007.

  1. OK got my new disk - installed it. Logged on but nothing coming up.
    Someone humour me did we have to uninstall/update flash last year to make it work or am I dremaing?
  2. OK got my new disk - installed it. Logged on but nothing coming up.
    Someone humour me did we have to uninstall/update flash last year to make it work or am I dremaing?
  3. Yes, we had to update flash.
  4. I haven`t received anything yet. I am marking Unit c, I think. Hi to all markers.
  5. Aha I can get on Edexcel site but not see anything lol - think my flash needs sorting! I am sure I should be panicing but I 'm not.
  6. Right give me a clue. Those who have their new disk and can get on cna you actually find anything to mark in the live rpactice marking page as I jsut get a red cross at the top left hand of the screen?

    Need to know it's my set up before I brave the phone queue!
  7. there won't be anything live as there hasn't been an exam yet. But I got something in practice. I just did 2 to make sure that it worked as it really was just like last years.
  8. Hiya,

    Don't know what is really happening this year. Got a phone call asking me if I would mark this year which I said I would. They said that they would email me the contracts which I did not get.

    I then phoned up and explained this to the guy that answered who then told me that if I hadn't received my contract by now then I wouldn't be marking. I phoned back another day and spoke to someone else who then said that as the exam wasn't happening until the end of June I wouldn't have received anything yet.

    2 days later I received my contract which I sent back but that is it.

    I guess I'll just wait and see...
  9. I applied but haven't heard a thing - do they usually let you know either way or shall i just assume my services are not required?
  10. I've had my contract and returned but nothing else, no username and password or cd-rom!
  11. Does anyone have a phone number that we can sort this out on?

    Could you please email if you're not happy to post it

  12. the number is at the top of the letter that came with the disc - I'll e-mail you
  13. I emailed them and they said username/password and my cd-rom will be posted next week, they cutting it fine as the exam is next friday!
  14. Just checked mine and all is still well, which is worrying because if something is fine then I worry because it usually means i've missed something... if you know what I mean? lol

    Anyway, was just wondering about the Online Training site. Do I need to complete the training again (i.e. is in compulsory that they see that I have done it) or are they happy that I already know what I am doing? Also, there is also something on there for the online standardisation. Am I meant to complete that training before the standardisation or do I do that when we get further details about it?

    Confused?! :)
  15. the exam is thursday!!
  16. try this email address, this is who sent me a contract I turned down!


    I would state very clearly that you want to mark GCSE RS and that you have applied and tell her your story! perhaps you will be invited to mark. I can not believe they have enough examiners.
  17. Aha - need to uninstall e pen and java and then reinstall - knew it was something like that last year - will try it tomorrow - handy hint there for anyone else having probs :)

    Oh and e pen HATES AOL
  18. Yes ePen does hate AOL - you have to open an Internet Explorer window to use it. That's what I had to do last year.
  19. 108 hours to go!!

    although - marking doesn't start until the week after!!
  20. When do we start the standardisation process? No one has said much about how it is going to work.

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