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EDEXCEL MARKERS...Have you been paid yet?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by sheamus, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Just wondered if anyone knew when we are supposed to be getting paid for 5561??
  2. Just wondered if anyone knew when we are supposed to be getting paid for 5561??
  3. I am doing 5565 and 5566. Don`t know yet. I am still marking extras.
  4. I would settle for knowing how much per response per extra - graduate. Some one on the other thread said 20p after tax per response. If this is the case then I have done 1305 extra graduate responses x 20p =£260 approx. plus the lumper and the bonus. Does anyone know if this is right or am I talking rubbish?
  5. I remember getting an e mail about it ages ago but I deleted it damn it....I'm fairly positive it was 66p per question 9 and 10, and 22p for most of the others. Seen as the official dead line for 5561 was 3 weeks ago I thought it may be soon we get paid...who can I ask?
  6. disconic

    disconic New commenter

  7. I have emailed the team thT ASKED ME TO MARK BUt no joy. Did have email address for last year`s payments but it had an 06 in the address so i don`t think it can be used.
  8. I was told last week we were getting paid this week! But no joy yet.
  9. If you have completed the marking of your contractual allocation by the contract completion date you will automatically be paid your fee and bonus. Any additional marking completed above your contractual allocation will be paid at the enhanced rate of item rate plus 20%.

    Payment will be in two stages, initial payment for your base marking plus bonus, second payment to cover any additional marking after the contract completion date plus your internet fee.

    We aim to process all automatic payments within 3/4 weeks of the marking completion date.

  10. So it should be next week, i hope so.
  11. Been to bank this morning - nothing yet. It will prob come when I am holiday which is good as I won;t spend it all :)
  12. Mine is already earmarked for paying bills and other stuff.
  13. Ditto!! Trying to save for a house so all going in to savings!!
  14. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I did 5581 and 5582, finish date 16/7, but completed including extras yesterday. Any ideas?
  15. About 4 weeks time, Lapin.
  16. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Thanks E.M.
  17. Nothing yet in my bank account :(
  18. Well i've just had an email and it mentioned something about checks being done this week and we should be paid hopefully within 2 weeks. Great!!!
  19. They don't need to do cheques - it's all through BACS!
  20. Last year my first chunk was paid on 10th July...

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