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Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in Mathematics (IGCSE)

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by trapezium, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Help! I am considering whether to start the Edexcel level 1/2 certificate in Maths (KMA0) - the state school alternative to the IGCSE, with our new year 10 as an alternative to the new GCSE. It avoids the functional skills elements of the new GSCE and prepares students better for A Level - i think!
    Is anybody else considering this or has anybody started the course last year as the first sitting is June 2012?<font size="6" face="Bliss-Medium" color="#00005a"></font>
  2. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    We are also hoping to but need confirmation it will count as GCSE Maths in the 5A*-C inc Eng/Maths tables. Anyone have this?
  3. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    latest information I have is that BOTH iGCSE and Edexcel Certificate
    are on the list as being eligible as Mathematics in the EBac. Click one
    one of the links below.

    English Baccalaureate
    Qualifications List


    Also this document (on page 6 statement 28) says that "Last year, the
    Secretary of State decided that accredited versions of iGCSEs used in
    the independent sector (i.e. CiE and Edexcel level 1/level 2
    Certificates) should be approved for use in maintained schools
    and therefore eligible to be included in Performance Tables."


    However, my school are hung up on the words "should be" in the statement above so claim that they might not be.

    How on earth do I find out for certain? Anyone?
  4. headofmaths

    headofmaths New commenter

    Well I rang the DFE and they confirmed it.
    We are good to go say SLT.

    Anyone else taking the plunge? We are entering some yr 11 and all yr 10.


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