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Edexcel International A-Level

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mflnqt, May 7, 2019.

  1. mflnqt

    mflnqt New commenter

    I am currently HOD in a school in Abu Dhabi, and I am thinking of changing to the International A-Level rather than the traditional A-Level.

    Do any of you follow this course?
  2. desertestrella7

    desertestrella7 New commenter

    I teach in Kuwait and we are changing to this new spec for Sept (Edexcel) due to the fact that they are stopping the AS exam after 2021 and most of our students leave after Y12 so actually need to do the AS! Is this the same reason you are changing in AD?
    We're just looking into it in a lot more detail now since upper school are on exam leave. It's similar to the Legacy A Level (particularly the oral exam) which we taught before, just some new content and different books/films to what we have been teaching for both French & Spanish.
    We didn't order any new text books as we didn't know what to order, but have Legacy ones as well as the Edexcel Hodder one and a copy of the AQA AS book too, and the topics seem to overlap. So time is needed to investigate any sort of book which could be ordered for 2020-21.

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