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Edexcel iGCSE English Language Spec B

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by GigglingSquirrel, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. GigglingSquirrel

    GigglingSquirrel New commenter


    Hopefully I have posted this in the correct forum. Apologies if not.

    I have been thrown in at the deep end. I am 3 months into my NQT year at a school that is in special measures. They are expecting another visit from Ofsted imminently and are looking for Schemes of work for every specification that we teach. Unfortunately, my Head of Department is off sick with stress and I am unsure when she will return. It's just little old me floundering away!!

    Would anyone have any Spec B schemes of work? Or at least point me in the right direction? They wanted the schemes last week but I haven't even got my head around the spec yet. I have never taught it (or even heard of it until I started here).

    Any help or guidance anyone is able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

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