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Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies 2017

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Rose66, May 24, 2017.

  1. Rose66

    Rose66 New commenter

    I would welcome your thoughts on the exam this morning. We had some concerns at our centre.
  2. tamsyn36

    tamsyn36 New commenter

    Is this the Edexcel domestic GCSE since the MCQ paper was on that day or is it International GCSE? What were your concerns?
  3. Koolaly

    Koolaly New commenter

    I was absolutely furious with the iGCSE Business exam and wrote to the exam board to complain. The number of obscure topics and topics not on the syllabus was unreasonable and it seemed much harder then previous exams. I suspect either a new exam writer or a panic to put in all the topics they haven't covered. We have switched to the CIE exam.
  4. tamsyn36

    tamsyn36 New commenter

    It was a terrible exam. The extract from the accounts - crazy! A coach firm owning 50 coaches having a capital employed of 18,000? I mean who writes this stuff - you would think a basic understanding of business should be a starting point. 'International' to Edexcel means a made up UK-based business with Asian sounding owners. Hopefully, the new course will be better.
  5. tamsyn36

    tamsyn36 New commenter

    Then you look at the mark scheme. Question 2(b) ROCE in 2016 was 23% and ROCE in 2015 was 18% and they are calling it a 5% difference between the two. It is so poor, it enters the realm of embarassment. They cant even calculate % changes on the official mark scheme properly. I share your anger. Who allows this kind of incompetence?
  6. Koolaly

    Koolaly New commenter

    Looking at the new Edexcel exam specification provides initial hope, however looking at the mark scheme sample is the reason why we have switched to CIE as it is pretty much more of the same. CIE is a much clearer exam. For the Edexcel exam, average grade bands were 7% lower than all other years which proves how poor the exam was. I had a reply from them before the results came out. No answer to my subsequent emails.

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