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Edexcel IGCSE 4MAO

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by stueytunes, May 21, 2012.

  1. I found it interesting this year that two large-scale topics were missed off the two higher papers. There was no vectors question at all and no question requiring the use of the quadratic formula (although they might have used it in the two cases where factorisation was possible). For those students aiming for higher grades, in my experience a lot of time is spent asking for help with (the second half of) the vectors question in the run-up to the exam date. Also, this year, the probability questions (one on each paper) had some repetition in terms of what was being tested.
  2. One thing I thought of but cannot understand why it might be relevant. This is the first year this paper had two exam titles on the front; Edexcel Certificate, plus International GCSE. Not sure why this would matter since the content of each spec is identical as far as I can tell.
    One of my departmental colleagues also thought use of the word "congruent" was off-piste since the SAS stuff is missing from IGCSE for some reason.
  3. I would imagine that both titles were placed on the papers to stop an endless stream of questions from worried pupils. If they are expecting to see 'Edexcel Certificate' and only see 'IGCSE' or vice versa, then they may well raise a paw and tell the invigilators. This could become problematic in a short space of time!

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