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Edexcel History Britain Transformed 1918-1997

Discussion in 'History' started by craig2410, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    I have just started teaching this unit, it seems many schools are - how are you finding it? We are currently suffering over a lack of textbook, which apparently is not published until next week - I luckily had an inspection copy!
  2. jennetwade

    jennetwade New commenter


    I would be interested to hear about how people are finding this course too. We have struggled I think with the thematic approach the board has taken with the organisation of the text book. It feels as if we are feeding out tiny portions of history is discrete themes rather than building a powerful view of the whole period. Does anyone else feel this? We are considering taking a different approach next year - although of course we are limited by the text book...
    We are also wondering how/when we are meant to make the 'magic' happen and make the AS knowledge of our students A Level quality. Does anyone have any ideas about how they might approach doing that?
  3. craig2410

    craig2410 New commenter

    I've gone thematic, I've done the politics and economics and part of the way through the welfare. I hate jumping back and forth through time but the book forces us this way! The sample book and the final book were also very different from one another!

    My centre is not entering ANYONE for AS and so I only do the A Level magic!
  4. hxw050

    hxw050 New commenter

    I'm finding it really difficult too. The SAMs for AS are really specific questions, particularly section A, so I'm worried I've not taught stuff in enough detail. I don't think the textbook is particularly good. I've taught the content before (with AQA) so I know the stuff, but it's hard to figure out exactly what they need to know.
  5. hxw050

    hxw050 New commenter

    If anyone has any flashes of inspiration to make lessons engaging (my class are so quiet) I'd be really grateful!
  6. Mara1821

    Mara1821 New commenter

    I finished teaching this module in January. As commenters above said, I really felt as though I'm just giving the students brief flashes of history rather than a view of the whole period. I think the jumping around from theme to theme makes it hard for students to view the events side by side. I did consider teaching it chronologically but this created the headache of the work not matching the text book.

    The textbook is very vague in areas. Only around 2 paragraphs on changes in industry 1918 - 31 but this could be a question on the exam!

    Although, I am happy that I bought the textbook for the students as it seems to be the only place to get sample questions. There is only one AS SAM on the website.

    How have your students taken to this module? Mine much prefer the second module.

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