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Edexcel History B GCSE Controlled Assessment - Indian Independence

Discussion in 'History' started by OhDavies, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Very curious as to whether anyone else out there teaches Indian independence for the controlled assessment unit as part of Edexcel History B GCSE spec??
    There are very few resources out there - and the booklet provided by Edexcel for this controlled assessment topic isn't very helpful! Why allow schools the option of teaching the unit, when very little advice on resources is being given to help teach it? There is an abundance of resources on Vietnam and other popular topics - with the Edexcel books - but I suppose that'd be down to Edexcel wanting to make a few bob...
    Any suggestions on possible resources for teaching Indian Independence?
    Any other schools out there teaching Indian Independence?
  2. MarkJH

    MarkJH New commenter

    I don't teach Edexcel GCSE so don't know exactly what you require but I do teach Indian Independence as part of my Year 9 'British Empire' course. A useful resource I've found is the BBC 'Days That Shook the World' episode about this. It explains the issues very clearly, even if it does boast the most ludicrously miscast actors in the roles of Jinnah, Nehru and Mountbatten! It's available on the excellent BBC Boxed Set of the series (my best Deparmantal DVD purchase ever) but can probably be tracked down on the 'net somehow.

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